Backup Plans For Triple H's 'Wrestlemania' Match, Finn Balor Feud Coming

Will McCormick

The WWE Universe and WWE officials are all hoping that Seth Rollins can recover from his injury in time for Wrestlemania 33, but the powers that be have backup plans ready for Triple H, who could be wrestling a huge superstar returning from an injury of his own. WWE is preparing the Wrestlemania 33 card with the match between Rollins and HHH on it, but creative plans have been revealed if Seth Rollins can't perform.

Triple H is insistent about wrestling at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando even if that happens. WWE officials will find him another opponent, and there are many WWE Superstars who would like the chance to get into the ring with The Game on the grandest stage of them all. However, Samoa Joe has emerged as the most logical opponent for him. HHH vs. Samoa Joe would be interesting to see, but it would also be complex to pull off.

Both men are heels on WWE programming, so the powers that be would need to drastically change creative plans for their rivalry to make sense. On paper, it's more logical for Triple H to feud with another face from Raw. Unfortunately, WWE has the Wrestlemania card mostly booked, but the returning Finn Balor doesn't have a feud or a confirmed match for the event. Balor vs. HHH may be the rivalry WWE needs for the show.

Finn Balor hasn't been featured on WWE programming since vacating the WWE Universal Title on Raw the night after WWE Summerslam. In a couple of weeks, he defeated several Raw superstars including Roman Reigns, debuted The Demon, and defeated Seth Rollins to become the WWE Universal Champion. It's a pity his shoulder injury forced him to vacate the title and miss seven months of his career, but that's wrestling.

Technically, Finn Balor could have an issue with Seth Rollins since he was the one who injured him at WWE Summerslam. However, Rollins has undergone a face turn in Balor's absence, which means a feud between the two men isn't likely. Balor will want to reclaim the WWE Universal Title that he never lost, but the title is expected to be added to the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar feud after the latter defeats Kevin Owens at WWE FastLane.

Unfortunately, that doesn't leave Finn Balor is many options for a match. However, the WWE Universe still wants to see The Demon's entrance on the grandest stage of them all, so WWE officials will need to squeeze him onto the card somewhere. The situation that Rollins' injury has caused could be a great opportunity for Balor to replace Rollins and face HHH at Wrestlemania in Orlando. The WWE Universe would be ecstatic.

Unfortunately, Finn Balor's push after the WWE Draft and brand split was derailed by his injury, but WWE officials have been clear that he will pick up right where he left off last year and will be a top guy not just for Raw, but for WWE. With opportunities becoming scarce for Wrestlemania 33, a match with Triple H could be a great way to resume his push without missing a step if it's confirmed that Rollins can't wrestle soon.

The Demon vs. The Game would be a fantastic match, especially when you consider both men's histories in NXT and the show being held in Orlando this year. The WWE Universe would fully support Finn Balor, and Triple H could continue his heel run in light of a bad situation. It has been reported that WWE is advertising Finn Balor for WWE live events in March, so his health status for Wrestlemania isn't a factor for the show.

Obviously, Seth Rollins vs. Triple H has been building for a long time. WWE officials are going to want that match before Balor vs. The Game. However, it makes logical sense for Balor to face Triple H if Seth Rollins can't recover in time for Orlando. It may seem random, but WWE officials can make it work. WWE officials would have plenty to work with between them, which could turn a bad situation into something special.

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