Three New Misfit Fitness Devices For Everyone You Know

Misfit is known for its activity-tracking smartwatches and jewelry. Some of its popular devices, including the Shine 2 and Ray — both of which will be explored later — combine fashion with sports, especially for those who don’t want to make it known that they are wearing a fitness tracker.

The Misfit Phase

Misfit just launched its first hybrid smartwatch called The Phase. This analog watch combines Misfit’s tracking alongside notification mirroring that’s like Skagen Hagen Connected and Witlings Steel HR, reports Trusted Reviews.

Minimalists will love the design of the Misfit Phase. It features a 41mm face and a small window that shows notifications displayed in different colors. Unfortunately, the minute hand can get in the way of the notification window, which means that at half past each other, the notifications are often hidden. With its dark blue color, it can be hard to see even without the hands in the way, and some may want a digital smartwatch instead.

The Phase comes with its choice of straps and finishes. A Sports Strap comes with sweat-free silicone straps while the leather ones give a more fashionable touch to your smartwatch. The Phase only uses 20mm straps, so that you can customize your watch for the right fit and style. You may find that the leather strap is harder to wear around the wrist since it needs some breaking in. But it is not so uncomfortable that you want to rip it off.

The Phase allows you mirror notifications, as well as “caller I.D.” Since it doesn’t have a digital display to show you text notifications, it has a small color-changing window at the bottom of the face that will let you know who’s calling. The colors will match the ones in your contacts list. You can only choose up to 12 contacts to each of the hour marks. When you receive a call, your watch will vibrate, and the notification window will turn green and the hour and minute hands will point to the relevant number.

It can be difficult if you forget which contact you assigned to a certain number and color unless you only have a handful of contacts. It notifies you about incoming text messages in the same manner, except that the notification window will turn blue instead. But, for this feature, you will have up to 24 contacts to memorize. It’s likely to get mirrored notifications for popular messaging apps such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, and Instagram. The Phase also allows calendar and email notifications.

However, you can’t assign contacts for WhatsApp. Your watch will only vibrate and the notification window will change to whatever color you assigned the person so you know who’s contacting you. Vibrations may not be as strong as you’d like as it’s easy to miss a notification when it comes in. The Misfit Phase retails from $175 to $195, depending on which design and straps you get.

The Misfit Ray

If you want a smartwatch that looks like a luxury watch, then you may like the Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker instead. It tracks all of your activities and doesn’t require any charging, reports Digital Trends. It runs on replaceable button cell batteries that you should charge every six months. This device normally retails for $100, but it has been discounted to $70 on the official website with: without using a promo code, which saves you 30 percent.

The attractive Misfit Ray will go with all the jewelry in your wardrobe. It allows you to track your steps, calories, and other fitness activities and workouts. It also includes a sleep tracker that records how much sleep you get while breaking down the data into light and deep sleep results. You can also set your sleep goals and alarms to make sure that you’re getting enough sleep that your body needs every night.

The Misfit Ray is water-resistant and can be worn all day, so that you can meet your fitness and health goals. It also includes other features such as a multicolor LED display and 8-mm spring bars that allows you to wear it a variety of ways – from a bracelet to a necklace.

And, like the Misfit Phase, the Ray allows you to set vibration alerts for both incoming calls and text messages. It also includes customizable alarms and reminders to help you stay active throughout the day. It can be paired with your Smartphone and other devices and syncs with other health and fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, Lose It!, Runkeeper, and more.

The Misfit Shine 2

Men may prefer to use the Misfit Shine 2. It has a simple design until its 12 LED lights circling the face are lit up, showing you how much of your daily fitness and health goals you accomplished. It can also sync with your phone via Bluetooth and can vibrate and light up to notify you of incoming phone calls and text messages. The Shine 2 will vibrate and show a blinking green semicircle at the top of the face, which indicates you’re getting a call or blue lights that indicate a message.

The Shine 2 does more than tracks your health and fitness goals. It also tracks your steps, distance, sleep, and other activities. This smartwatch is waterproof and can be used in the shower or pool. However, it doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery and is operated by a coin cell and claims a battery life of up to six months.

It can be worn on your wrist, your shirt, your hip, or even your shoe. The Misfit Shine 2 retails for $50.00, which makes it an affordable option for both men and women.

The Misfit app is available for Android and iOS, reports the Hindu Business Times. In conjunction with the Misfit watches, it allows you to track your steps, distances, and other health goals. It also has a social feature where you can compete with your friends on fitness goals, activities, etc. it also has a “Today’s Story” feature that allows you to view your progress and sleep.

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