Kim Kardashian Will Pass On Paris Fashion Week, 'KUWTK' Star Not Ready To Return

Paris Fashion Week is almost upon us, and this year, there will be one less familiar face in the audience. Kim Kardashian West has made it clear that she just isn't ready to return to the City of Lights just five months after her terrifying robbery. Kendall Jenner will be returning to Paris for work and Kanye West has been considering a trip to France to attend.

There had been speculation about whether or not Kim Kardashian would attend Paris Fashion Week. Even People reported that she was considering a trip to Paris for the famous fashion week. It seems that she is still too traumatized from the Paris robbery just five months ago, and opted to skip a trip to France this time around. Kim won't be present despite her sister walking the runways, it was confirmed by a Keeping Up With The Kardashians rep on Friday.

It makes sense that Kanye West's wife would pass on a trip to Paris so soon after the horrific October 3 robbery in the same city. It was during fall Paris Fashion Week that Kim was asleep in her room at the No Name Hotel when she was robbed of her jewelry by five masked men. Kardashian was bound, gagged, and held at gunpoint while the thieves searched her room for jewelry. Ultimately, they made off with more than $10 million of Kim Kardashian's jewels, including a huge diamond engagement ring from Kanye West that was worth $4 million.It was reported that Kim Kardashian's Instagram oversharing may have helped the group of thieves to plan their attack. Not only did they know exactly what jewelry Kim might have had with her at the time of the Paris robbery, they also were able to figure out where she was going to be based on some of her social media shares.

On January 9, French police arrested a total of 17 people they believed to be connected with Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery. Of that group, seven suspects have since been released. Four of Kim's alleged robbers were indicted on January 12 and the remaining six were charged the following day.

In the months since Kim's traumatic night in Paris, there are multiple reports that she has struggled to cope with what happened. Kim took an extended Instagram hiatus and also was reluctant to be seen in public for months. Even now, with Kim Kardashian back on Instagram, it's obvious that she has been very careful in her photos. Kim doesn't pose with expensive jewelry anymore, opting for a more middle-class look in many of the snaps despite her well-known wealth.

It wasn't until after the Paris robbery suspects were arrested that Kim started making long trips again. Her first official public appearance was on January 13 when Kim traveled to Dubai to sit for her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's master class.

Ever since the Paris robbery, there have been reports that Kim Kardashian may have to travel back to France to meet with Paris police investigating her robbery. It turns out that she didn't have to go that far, meeting with French investigators in New York City earlier this month. Kim's meeting reportedly went well and she won't be required to appear in Paris to give more information at this point.

It was reported that Kim Kardashian was relieved that she didn't have to go to Paris to meet with the police investigating her robbery police and was able to take care of her obligation in New York City instead. So it stands to reason that just weeks later, Kim probably still isn't ready to head back to the French city just a few weeks later for another Paris Fashion Week while the robbery terror is still so fresh in her mind.

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