Kensington Palace Denies Connection To Woman Termed Middleton’s Beauty Therapist

Kate Middleton has gained a reputation as being one of the most fashionable women on the planet and a royal whose gorgeous flowing locks are the envy of women the world over. Yet her glowing complexion also has members of the fairer sex wondering what her secret is. Many believed that day had come that those secrets were being made known to the masses, when Deborah Mitchell, a woman introduced as Kate Middleton’s beauty therapist, appeared on This Morning this past week.

The Observer relayed the advice given by the beautician on the show that introduced Deborah Mitchell as Middleton’s beauty therapist. The publication shares some of these tips given by Mitchell, who was also said to have been responsible for getting Kate prepared for her walk down the aisle in 2011.

“Options included a jar of chocolate spread (hopefully Nutella, as one wouldn’t want to be off-brand while channeling a princess) and sugar mixed in with lip balm for a D.I.Y. scrub… Mitchell instructs people to spread chocolate on their faces to moisturize, mix banana and avocado inside of cotton socks for softer feet, bathe in an oat bath, press coffee underneath the eyes to wake up, use green tea as toner and mix lip gloss with sugar for an impromptu scrub.”

However, since the appearance, Kensington Palace has commented on Mitchell’s said connection to Duchess Kate, and additionally to Camilla Parker Bowles, and has flat-out denied that Deborah Mitchell has ever worked for Middleton or the royals.

The Daily Mail shares the discrepancy between how Mitchell was presented on the television program and what she then explained following comments made by Kensington Palace.

“While Mrs Mitchell never said she was the duchess’ beauty therapist, repeated references were made to her royal connections. Mrs Mitchell described how she had been ‘flying all over the world’ to visit royal clients and revealed she ‘visits the Palace regularly’. “

A representative from the Palace indicated that Deborah Mitchell has never worked with the duchess, after which the beautician confirmed that the duchess is not one of her clients. The publication shares the words of the beauty therapist regarding her clientele and the confidentiality she wishes to keep regarding them.

“I have treated royalty all over the world, I have treated a lot of celebrities and a lot of celebrities use my products,” but explained: “I like to keep my customers’ confidentiality.”

While Mitchell carries on attending to her supposed royal clients, Duchess Kate and Prince William are reportedly preparing for a short but exciting trip to the City of Light. It was nearly 20 years ago that the prince’s mother, Princess Diana, died tragically in a car accident in Paris, and the lovely couple is set to head to the metropolis officially for a royal occasion. Diana passed away on August 31, 1997, when Prince William and Prince Harry were merely children.

The palace reps released a statement about the plans of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their mid-March adventure, as Vogue shares.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will undertake an official two-day visit to Paris on 17th and 18th March. Their Royal Highness’ visit is at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Full details of the visit will be announced in due course, but the itinerary will include a reception for young French leaders from a variety of fields, a formal dinner at the residence of Her Majesty’s Ambassador and attendance at the Wales v France Six Nations test at the Stade de France.”

It has yet to be stated as to whether or not Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be joining their parents on the trip, but it is likely, seeing as they went along on the lengthy trip to Canada last fall.

[Featured Image by Stefan Wermuth/WPA Pool/Getty Images]