February 17, 2017
'Kong: Skull Island' Teases The Skull Crawler For Our Nightmares [Video]

The King Kong legend wouldn't be complete without the monster-populated Skull Island for the greatest creature of all to reign supreme over. While Kong: Skull Island doesn't seek to replace Kong as the king of his domain, a new teaser does present some worthy contenders.

Amid the prehistoric creatures still thriving on Skull Island comes something viewers have never seen before, and it looks like something pulled straight out of someone's nightmare. While the Skull Crawler has been seen briefly in a previous Kong: Skull Island teaser, this new clip from the film gives a frightfully longer look at Kong's newest foe.

A Visit To Kong: Skull Island Introduces The Skull Crawlers

Kong Skull Island, Skull Crawlers
'Kong: Skull Island' introduces the terrifying Skull Crawlers. [Image by Warner Bros.]

Kong: Skull Island draws its premise from the military weapons testing of the 70s with a crew testing bombs on Skull Island, but, as Gamespot shares, those tests awaken the rage of King Kong, among the other creatures and human inhabitants of the island. As Marlow (John C. Reilly) puts it, dropping bombs on someone's home is unwise, unless you intend to declare war, which is exactly how Kong sees it. The giant ape responds by taking down one helicopter in the group, leaving the others in terror.

While Kong reigns over Skull Island, his leadership isn't undisputed. There are other monstrous creatures inhabiting the island, all of which are eager to take a shot at Kong and hoping to catch him off guard. Among them are creatures Marlow introduces as Skull Crawlers, and one can't help but be reminded of Ridley Scott's Aliens at the sight of them. Even the name seems analogous to Scott's Face Huggers and Chest Bursters.

Corey Hawkins, who also stars in Kong: Skull Island, says the film isn't as somber as it might seem through the clips and teasers released up to this date. He says that while there are dark moments, Kong: Skull Island really mixes moods to give more of an emotional ride than might be expected.

"We got the opportunity to find the light moments. It can't be all serious at all times, and I think in our darkest moments you have to find the humor and the lightness. Sometimes humor is necessary to get you through," said the Kong: Skull Island actor. "It's honest."

John Goodman Spills The Truth About His Interest In Skull Island

Kong Skull Island, John Goodman
In 'Kong: Skull Island,' John Goodman isn't who he seems. [Image by Warner Bros.]

Kong: Skull Island is filled with secrets, and not all of them are indigenous to the island, as Entertainment Weekly reports. John Goodman played a very different kind of character in 10 Cloverfield Lane, shocking fans with a twist that really was unexpected coming from the working-class dad persona for which he has become known. Now, Goodman takes it a step further in Kong: Skull Island, again playing a character with dark secrets and an agenda of his own.

As Bill Randa, Goodman seems to know much more than his companions about the creatures and people dwelling on Skull Island, though he only doles out this information as it's needed and, even then, only begrudgingly. Who can blame Samuel L. Jackson's Lieutenant Colonel Packard then for pulling a gun on Randa and demanding the whole truth?

"Ancient species owned this Earth long before mankind and if we keep our heads buried in the sand, they will take it back," Goodman says in Kong: Skull Island. "My agency is known as Monarch, we specialize in the hunt for massive unidentified terrestrial organisms."

This is more than a secret revelation to push the story forward, as Godzilla fans will recognize. Monarch played a major part in the plot of the 2014 film, so there's no doubt Kong: Skull Island is doing its part to set things up for the 2020 film in which King Kong and Godzilla will face off.

Before the crossover film, however, Godzilla is due for a sequel, which is scheduled for a 2018 release.

Kong: Skull Island hits theaters on March 10.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros.]