February 17, 2017
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Tony Romo Knows What The Cowboys Will Do With Him

The 2017 NFL offseason just started a couple of weeks ago, but teams are already looking ahead to moves they will make in free agency. One of those teams is the Dallas Cowboys who need to know what to do with their veteran quarterback who has now lost his job due to injury and a rookie signal-caller who surprised everyone. Dallas may not yet know what they are going to do with him, but Tony Romo appears to have an idea what they will do with him.

Dak Prescott is going to be the quarterback for the Cowboys in 2017, and there is no doubt about that. He will be in control of the offense and even if others are brought in to compete with him in training camp, Prescott is likely going to beat them out without any question.

That leaves Dallas with the dilemma of figuring out what to do with their veteran quarterback who has led them through good times and bad for so long. Something needs to happen with Tony Romo and his monster contract, and while owner Jerry Jones has not said anything one way or the other, number nine seems to know which way the team will go.

dallas cowboys rumors nfl tony romo trade release
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Fansided has pointed to a tweet by ESPN's Ed Werder which makes the whole chase for Tony that much more interesting. Many wondered who would step up and get involved in serious trade talks with Dallas, but they may not need to worry about that.

Of course, this hasn't come straight from Romo's mouth, but Ed Werder is pretty reliable and usually won't put something out there unless he really believes in it.

In April, Tony will turn 37 years old and he has played in just four games over the last two years due to serious injuries. He hasn't played a full 16-game season since 2012, but there is still belief in his mind that he can contribute as a starting quarterback in the NFL until he's close to 40.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Dallas releasing him instead of trying to work out a trade means that other teams could step in and try to sign Romo. The Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, and Houston Texans are the three teams who have been mentioned the most often in rumors of trying to land the veteran quarterback.

The Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, and New York Jets have also been mentioned to be in the mix.

dallas cowboys rumors nfl tony romo trade release
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Under his current contract, Tony is set to count for $24.7 million against the salary cap, and Dallas would be responsible for all of that if they keep him and the majority of it if they trade him. Releasing him won't get them totally off the hook, but it could save them somewhere around $5-6 million for the upcoming season.

Some of the teams that had a decent shot at working out a trade for Tony will not be thrilled if he is actually released. If Dallas does go ahead and release him as he expects them to, it will put a lot more teams in the race to sign him and make things that much harder for teams like the Chiefs and Broncos.

If he hits the free agency market, expect an all-out race to see who can get him in for the first visit.

It's really hard to know what the Dallas Cowboys will do with Tony Romo as there could be a number of other teams who may show interest in him. If a trade can be made and it is one that works out for both Dallas and their trading partner, it will be put in place and completed. The thing is, releasing him would save Jerry Jones a bit of money and it may just end up being in their best interest to cut him loose. While no one knows for sure what will happen, Tony appears to have an idea.

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