BTS On ‘Wings: YNWA,’ Another Daesang, English Songs, ARMYs And More [Interview]

With the release of their latest blockbuster album, WINGS: You Never Walk Alone, K-pop powerhouse group BTS has proven that the seven-man band is one of the most formidable forces in the international music scene. As sales of their album continue to rise and as the music video for their track, “Spring Day,” closes in on 25 million views on YouTube after just four days, the sensational K-pop group has taken some time to answer a number of interview questions from The Inquisitr.

From the story behind the group members’ radical new hairstyles to their most memorable moments with fans, the members of the Bangtan Boys weigh in on their success, their future goals and the possibility of some new, interesting projects.

Concept photos for BTS' new album, 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone,' featured a very distinct theme.

The Inquisitr: You guys are rocking some pretty sweet hair color changes for WINGS: You Never Walk Alone. What’s the story behind them?

BTS: WINGS: You Never Walk Alone has all the supplementary stories that were not told in BTS’ previous full-length album, WINGS. In WINGS, all the members showed their inner conflicts and struggles in short films, music videos and photos. To be honest, we all looked pretty serious in the medieval-inspired fashion and stylings. For the new album, though, we are telling side stories from somewhat different perspectives and seven members look like teenagers mingling and wandering around. We wanted to show different looks with sweet hair color changes to look younger, brighter and warmer. Maybe that’s why you’ve noticed the color changes in the photos and video.

IQ: I can’t help but notice that your music videos contain subtle references to literary works. Are there any of you addicted to books?

BTS: Rap Monster is one of book addicts among BTS. He always carries books in his hand, especially on international tours. He writes lyrics for BTS a lot and he gets inspired from reading a wide range of books from philosophy to poetry. Some subtle references to literary works are driven by BTS creators and producers since many of them are either book addicts or movie diggers.

BTS members addressed a number of questions in an exclusive interview with The Inquisitr.

IQ: Which song in WINGS: You Never Walk Alone is your personal favorite, and why?

Rap Monster: “Spring Day” – I wrote the main melody for the lead single for the first time and also wrote lyrics.

SUGA: “Spring Day” – I wrote main lyrics based on my personal experience with old friends. It is about my sad memories with him and it makes me sentimental whenever I listen to the song.

JungKook: “Not Today” – It has the coolest beat of all songs on the album and I personally like the choreography for the song.

IQ: You’ve done perfect English covers in the past. Would you be releasing any English songs anytime soon, so you can reach an even wider audience?

BTS: BTS is focusing on songs we can perform best in Korean, but our works are getting attention from around the world despite the language barrier. However, we are all for any great professional opportunities to work with other artists in English or in other languages for that matter, if we can reach a wider audience worldwide.

BTS' new album, 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone,' has been an undisputed success since its launch.

IQ: Despite being one of the most successful K-pop acts in recent years, you have managed to remain really down-to-earth and humble. What keeps you grounded?

Rap Monster: ‘Am I different with others?’ I throw this question to myself all the time and the answer is that I’m not. People love me for what I am and that’s how I manage to be me and be humble as a human being.

V: Why shouldn’t we be humble? I’m just an ordinary person next door and I want to show others what I am as is. I never pretend to be someone I’m not. I will stay down-to-earth and do better.

JungKook: We’re just ordinary people who want to make friends and that’s what keeps us firmly grounded. I want to be much closer to fans in the USA too!

Jimin: All BTS members consider themselves as someone who loves music and performance like I do. I don’t think of myself as a celeb at all.

J-hope: I try to stay alert as a public figure. And, at the same time, I hope to get closer to my fans. If you’re successful in making the right balance, that would make you truly down-to-earth as an artist.

Concept images for BTS' new album, 'Wings: You Never Walk Alone,' effectively set the group's fandom on fire.

Apart from answering some questions about their latest album and possible future endeavors, the Bangtan Boys also addressed a number of questions that are geared towards their massive fanbase. After all, among the most admirable things about the group is their connection to the millions of fans across the globe. Ishratt Chameli, a self-professed member of BTS’ A.R.M.Y. from New Jersey, USA, described the overall appeal of the band’s music and their performances as a whole.

“Watching them onstage and listening to their music gives me a lot of strength and hope, and their music videos inspire me. I appreciate all of the hard work they put in. (WINGS: You Never Walk Alone) is more than what we A.R.M.Y.s expected. They are seriously amazing and they never disappoint.”

True to form, the responses of the powerhouse K-pop group to a number of interview questions about their fans all but confirm that despite their widespread success, the Bangtan Boys that everyone knows and loves is still the same.

BTS addressed the goals of the group for 2017 during an interview with The Inquisitr.

IQ: February is the month of love. Any awesome (Valentine’s Day) messages for your fans?

Jin: A.R.M.Ys, you’re sweeter than chocolate. The world around me gets sweeter even by thinking about you.

J-hope: You’re as sweet as chocolates. Happy Valentines!

JungKook: Have something sweet for yourself and don’t forget to brush your teeth! Be happy always.

IQ: What is the most memorable gesture/gift that you have ever received from a fan?

V: A.R.M.Ys are the best gifts as they are. I love you!

Jin: Some of the fans have made donations to people in need under BTS’ name. I’m thankful for every gift from fans but such donations from kind hearts made me happy and grateful.

Jimin: The most memorable gesture is kind and cheerful messages from fans upon the release of new albums.

JungKook: We had a Halloween party a couple of years ago and there was a fan with perfect makeover and costume for Halloween. The best moment ever!

BTS answered questions ranging from their new album to the group's future plans in an exclusive Inquisitr interview.

Of course, with the runaway success of their latest album, numerous fans of the international K-pop sensation are wondering if another major award is in store for the group this 2017. Fresh off their first Daesang last year, BTS’ Suga wrapped up the interview with an affirmation of the band’s passion and their drive to deliver what is best for their fans.

IQ: Should the A.R.M.Y. expect another Daesang this year?

SUGA: We’ve done our very best to present songs that heal the hearts and to show the best performance so that A.R.M.Ys around the world could be proud of BTS. We’re trying to stay humble and down-to-earth even after Daesang in 2016 and another Daesang is just part of our professional goals to achieve as artists. We believe that we’ll get what we want if we continue to be BTS and know what to do as artists and performers with passion.

After the successful launch of their latest album, BTS is embarking on a worldwide tour, kicking off with a sold-out concert in Santiago, Chile and stopping in six cities in the United States including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Tickets for the powerhouse K-pop act were sold out almost immediately.

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