Christie Brinkley Fights Ageism And Body Shaming, As She Poses With Daughters

This year, Sports Illustrated is presenting the most inclusive swimsuit edition ever, but it's not just the models gracing their pages that are speaking to the magazine's new policies on diversity, as Christie Brinkley can attest.

Attending the launch of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for 2017, Brinkley was joined by daughters Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook, 19, and Alexa Ray Joel, 31, but it was the 63-year-old supermodel who drew the most gazes in a sexy red jumpsuit. Christie appeared ageless, as she posed with her daughters and spoke publicly about her hopes for proving that no one should allow ageism and body shaming to inhibit any woman's dreams.

Christie Brinkley Inspires Her Daughters To Fight Ageism

When Christie Brinkley walked into the Sports Illustrated launch party for their swimsuit edition, she was accompanied by a daughter on each arm, but, as Entertainment Tonight shared, that wasn't what caught everyone's attention. Brinkley was dressed in a cherry red jumpsuit that hugged every curve of her body, proving that, even at 63, Brinkley still has what it takes to become the center of attention. Her iconic beauty was undiminished by time.

Alexa and Sailor were openly proud of their mother, speaking to the longevity of Christie's beauty and youthful appearance.

Sailor said that she hopes she can be like Christie, still posing in bikinis at 60 and becoming a symbol for women of all walks of life. She added that Brinkley's appearance in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue goes a long way toward fighting practices of ageism and body image prejudices, which is something Sailor feels strongly about fighting with her own modeling career.

"And also, I think what made such a big impact with this photo, of the three of us, and us all doing the shoot is that we're all different types, we're all different heights," Alexa added. "I'm 5'3", these two are, you know, tall blond stunners... I'm not a model, I'm a musician."

Alexa also said that she has always admired mother Christie Brinkley for her shapely figure, pointing out that, even though Brinkley is tall and thin, she has also maintained a curvy physique through the years.

"She's not, like, the standard runway models -- she has curves, she has actual hips, you know -- and it's a beautiful thing, and she always rocks it, and that's a part of why she looks so healthy."

Christie Brinkley Embraces Her Role As A Pop Culture Icon

"It's so amazing to hear people call me an icon," Brinkley told Fox News.

Christie admits it never occurred to her that she might be watching her daughters realize their own dreams 38 years ago, when she was just starting out as a model, herself.

In one image for the swimsuit issue, Brinkley is posing alone, dressed in a black, one piece bathing suit, which is largely made out of mesh and reveals Christie from the open neckline to her bare thighs. The supermodel proves she still has the body and the confidence to go along with it, as she seduces the camera with her iconic gaze.

Later, Christie posed with her daughters, all three women dressed in black, contrasting against the sunny, tropical backdrop. Sailor and Alexa wore black, two-piece bikinis, while Christie was dressed in another black one-piece with larger black mesh designs.

Ms. Brinkley shared that the idea to feature her with her daughters came from a Sports Illustrated editor.

"[A] Sports Illustrated editor came up with the idea for [the] mom and daughters shoot," Brinkley explained. "[The editor] saw Sailor and thought she was my mini-me [and] Alexa has [a] Sofia Loren look."

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue launch was celebrated in New York City on Thursday.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]