Trump Heads To Estimated $3 Million, Third-In-A-Row Mar-A-Lago Visit [Photos]

The photos of President Donald Trump heading out of the White House on Friday, February 17, to ultimately end up at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, are making their way online. As seen in the above photo, Mr. Trump held hands with his grandchildren, Arabella and Joseph, as they walked to Marine One in Washington, D.C. Prior to ending up at Mar-a-Lago for Mr. Trump’s third straight working weekend / vacation, President Trump planned to stop in North Charleston, South Carolina for a visit at the Boeing plant. He will also hold a major rally on Saturday.

As reported by AOL, Mr. Trump’s most recent trip to Mar-a-Lago over the long holiday weekend could cost as much as $3 million for Mr. Trump’s third straight weekend at the Mar-a-Lago resort.

The Washington Post notes Mr. Trump’s previous words published on Twitter, wherein President Trump criticized President Obama’s vacations in the past — that is, prior to Mr. Trump becoming president himself.

On Friday, President Trump toured the Boeing South Carolina facility. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster joined Mr. Trump on that tour to witness the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. During the speech, President Trump seemed a lot more comfortable in his element one day after a cantankerous press conference left the hashtag #PresidentTrumpPressConference trending on Twitter.

In the meantime, the cost and frequency of Mr. Trump’s trips to Palm Beach to spend time at his members-only Mar-a-Log club continues to come under a microscope on social media. First Lady Melania Trump is expected to fly down to Mar-a-Lago to join Mr. Trump at some point during the long weekend.

In terms of how much time Mr. and Mrs. Trump could spend at Mar-a-Lago this weekend, AOL reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has enacted Palm Beach flight restrictions from Friday through Tuesday.

As seen in the above photo, President Trump waved prior to boarding Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Meanwhile, photos like the below ones of President Trump interacting with his grandchildren offer a different viewpoint of the Commander-in-Chief.

Mr. Trump held the hands of each of the children as they climbed the stairs to Marine One.

Additional photos show Mr. Trump chatting with his grandchildren along with the way to Marine One.

Ivanka Trump also joined Mr. Trump, and walked with her husband, White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner, as seen in the below photo.

They, too, boarded Marine One on Friday.

Ivanka and Jared walked hand in hand.

Ivanka donned black high heels and a white coat as she made her way across the lawn.

At certain points, Ivanka gazed at her husband.

At other points in time, Ivanka was seen smiling at Jared.

The working weekend will continue on Saturday. As reported by Politico, Trump will attend a major rally in Melbourne, Florida. The President tweeted, “Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5pm for a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport!” Trump used his personal twitter account to promote the rally rather than the official White House account.

According to the New York Times, President Trump plans to hold a “campaign rally” on Saturday, after being in the White House for only one month. The rally is scheduled to happen in an airplane hangar, and it’s being called a sign that Mr. Trump wants to relive the rally feel and get away from the controversies in Washington.

Kellyanne Conway was also photographed on Friday, prior to Mr. Trump leaving the White House from the South Lawn.

Conway was photographed in the colonnade.

Little 3-year-old Joseph Kushner offered photographers a cute photo-op, as seen above, when Joseph pressed his nose against the Oval Office window as he waited for Mr. Trump to leave.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]