WWE News: Former Champion Thinks Samoa Joe Vs. John Cena Will Be Huge

Just a few weeks ago, Samoa Joe finally made his long-promised debut on the WWE main roster, after fans waited for years to see the indy great in a WWE ring. For almost two years, he dominated things in NXT, and some fans never thought that he would be with WWE at all. Now, his arrival means a lot of possible feuds that could bring about great matches one day, and one former champion believes that Samoa Joe taking on John Cena might be one of the best feuds in a very long time.

Many have wondered just who will step up and take on Joe now that the “Samoa Submission Machine” has been called up. He has taken out Seth Rollins. He defeated Roman Reigns in the center of the ring. Then he decimated Sami Zayn as if he was Gillberg.

How would Joe fare, though, if he went up against 16-time former world champion, John Cena?

wwe news bubba ray dudley champion samoa joe john cena feud

Wrestling Inc. took notice of a tweet by a former world champion and tag champion from ECW, TNA, and WWE that expressed that thought. Bubba Ray Dudley is quite active on Twitter with the fans to share his own ideas, and this one may be one of the most thought-provoking yet.

Bubba Ray threw out an idea that WWE creative may really want to think about.

Not surprisingly, Bubba Ray Dudley has an incredibly valid point about a feud that has not yet happened but likely will in the future. Right now, there are some obstacles in the way with Joe on Monday Night Raw and Cena on SmackDown Live, but things change as time goes on.

As reported by ComicBook.com, Cena is also expected to take some time off after WrestleMania 33, but it won’t be for an overly long period.

This isn’t a random thought by Bubba Ray as Joe is one of the hottest things going right now in WWE, and well, he recently spoke about Cena. He sat down to talk with Eyes On The Game where he was asked about his future goals in WWE and many other things, including John Cena.

wwe news bubba ray dudley champion samoa joe john cena feud

Joe talked about having a match with Cena so very long ago, and WWE obviously choosing to go in one direction. Well, almost two decades have passed, and things have come back around full-circle to where both superstars are in the same company.

“It’s been 18 years…18 years ago…myself and John Cena had a match, and based off that match, WWE inevitably hired him, and brought him along and I went my own separate way. It’s been 18 years since me and John have been in the ring together. John, you know, early in my career…he’s been a close personal friend and we drove a lot of miles together, and it would be an absolute pleasure to reunite in the ring and once again, smash him in the face and take everything from him.”

Those are some serious fighting words, but it also makes sense for a great storyline to fall right into WWE’s lap. Let those “bitter” feelings boiling up in Samoa Joe come to the front and let him take out his aggressions on John Cena in a feud that would bring out the very best in both men.

Samoa Joe has only been a part of Monday Night Raw and WWE’s main roster for three weeks, but he has already taken out two former members of The Shield. John Cena may be taking some time off after WrestleMania 33, but he isn’t done wrestling by a longshot. Bubba Ray Dudley knows a thing or two about great feuds, and he may have a great point in saying that both the matches and storyline of a Samoa Joe vs. John Cena feud will promise to be “phenomenal.”

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