Teresa Sievers: ’48 Hours’ — High Heels & Murder In Doctor’s Hammer Death Case

You’ll be glued to your seats this Saturday night during the next episode of CBS’ 48 Hours. It will chronicle the dramatic case of Florida doctor Teresa Sievers, who was found bludgeoned to death with a hammer in her lavish Bonita Springs home two years ago. Authorities stated that Teresa Sievers, who was a doctor known for her holistic therapy and sexy high heels, was murdered by two men who were directed by her husband, Mark Sievers. The episode for this week’s 48 Hours is “Eleven Hundred Miles To Murder.” Appearing on the show will be a neighbor, Florida police investigators, Amy Bennett Williams, and Jessica Lipscomb.

Forty-six-year-old Teresa Sievers, a prominent Estero doctor, was found dead in her home in June of 2015. Her body was found by a family friend, Dr. Mark Petrites, who later called 911 to report the finding. When investigators came out to the scene on Jarvis Road in Bonita Springs, they found Teresa Sievers’ body next to a bloody hammer with her red hair wrapped around it. Sievers was still dressed in a pretty mini-dress from the night before. Sprawled around her, in addition to the hammer, was a bottle of water and a sandal.

At the time of her death, her husband and children were out of town.

An autopsy report later concluded that Teresa Sievers had been bashed over the head over a dozen times with the hammer that was found at the scene.

Her death frightened nearby neighbors, who feared that some mad killer was targeting wealthy residents in the area. But police knew that this was a targeted attack: Teresa Sievers was definitely the intended victim.

But who had killed her?

A few clues helped police pinpoint the killers. Teresa Sievers’ husband, Mark Sievers, and two other men: Jimmy Rodgers, 25, and Curtis Wayne Wright, 47, were behind the grisly murder.

Authorities say that Mark Sievers orchestrated and directed Rodgers and Wright to carry out the plan. Mark Sievers was apparently motivated by money, citing several insurance policies taken out on Teresa that totaled millions.

Despite their air of wealth and opulence, detectives say that Mark and Teresa Sievers were living paycheck to paycheck. The troubled couple also had sex problems in their marriage. Mark Sievers wrote about his sex experiences with his wife. The investigation also suggested that the couple were either swinging or considering a swinger’s lifestyle, according to the Naples Daily News.

“In two entries, dated in April and May of 2014, Mark Sievers wrote that his wife told him of sexual fantasies involving Wright, and that she had a sexually-charged conversation with Wright. No such mentions are made in the year leading up to the homicide.In a previously released case summary, investigators wrote that the couple was “involved in numerous affairs with men and women both together and outside of their marriage.” However, investigators have never explicitly given any motivation for the homicide other than money.”

Teresa Sievers’ death case fascinated the public since she was known as a spunky female doctor who loved wearing high-heel shoes. A charismatic speaker, Teresa Sievers believed in a holistic approach to beauty and health, which included the mind, body, and spirit connection, along with acupuncture.

Police painted a picture of an ambush that began when Teresa Sievers first arrived. The successful doctor had no idea that two men were lying in wait just inside the beautiful abode she called home.

On social media, family photos depicted a happy and successful family with smiling eyes. But police said behind Mark Sievers smiling eyes lurked a twisted and unhealthy obsession with hammers. On his Facebook page, Mark Sievers nicknamed himself “Hammer,” the Daily Mail reported.

“He always talked about how his favorite weapon was a hammer. He said it to me multiple times, ‘My favorite weapon was a hammer.’”

Looking back, that small but weird detail could have alerted anyone that something was off with Mark Sievers. However, Teresa Sievers didn’t anticipate that her husband’s liking for hammers could lead to her death.

Most likely, she saw that information on his page, and may have even asked him about it.

Since that time, the Inquisitr has discovered that on Mark Sievers’ Facebook page, the nickname has been changed to “Smiley.”

The complete story of Teresa and Mark Sievers will air on 48 Hours this Saturday at 10/9 p.m. Central on CBS. On a previous episode of 48 hours, the tragic story of Eva Kay Wenal, a millionaire real estate mogul’s wife who was also found dead in her home, aired.

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