Is 'Southern Charm' Thomas Ravenel Making Accusations For Ratings?

Amy Feinstein

For months, there seemed to be a detente between the stars of Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, who are both working to co-parent their two toddlers, Kensington Calhoun Ravenel (Kensie) and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel (Saint). Though they are still in a custody dispute, the two reportedly had gotten into a groove, with Thomas having primary custody, and Kathryn having visitation, but suddenly, and coincidentally, Thomas Ravenel has started making old accusations, just as the teaser came out for the new season of Southern Charm.

Just yesterday, Bravo released a teaser video of season four of Southern Charm, which seemed to show a composed Kathryn Dennis, mingling with the rest of the cast, according to the Inquisitr. A female voice that sounds like Cameran Eubanks says that she had spoken to Kathryn Dennis, and she sounded great, to which Thomas Ravenel responds that Kathryn is refusing to take the drug test, because she knows she will fail. But reports last season said that tests were mandatory for visitation, and Kathryn still has regular, uninterrupted visitation of Kensie and Saint. Fans are wondering, is Bravo stoking the fire for ratings, or has Ravenel gone renegade?

But fans know that shooting wrapped months ago on Southern Charm, and in a three minute season preview video, editing can make an off the cuff comment look like high drama, but Thomas Ravenel is amped up, and mixing it up with Kathryn Dennis and fans on a variety of social media. In the last 48 hours, Ravenel has removed his Instagram account, @ThomasRavenel, activated it again, adding a second Instagram account, @Thomas.Ravenel, and then, deleted both of them. Fans of Southern Charm and Ravenel know that this is nothing new, as the Southern Charm star often deletes posts hours after adding them.


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But then, some extreme rumors started, just as Ravenel seemed to have worked up a serious lather, and there were some serious and bizarre accusations made about Kathryn Dennis, according to TamaraTattles. A source shared that Ravenel, who is in La Quinta, California for the winter polo season (he allegedly will be there through March), was forced to leave South Carolina with the children for their safety.

"I am merely reporting what sources close to the issue are reporting. That is that a legal decision was made this week. And that is why Thomas and the kids are in California for safety reasons."
"Since my info is that she is already on supervised visits only, and considering that just the other week Thomas wrestled with how Kathryn could not manage to pass a drug test if she loved her kids so much, that some even more restrictive measure is in place. She may have lost all visitation."

All About the Tea shared the information that Thomas Ravenel has 100 percent custody, and Kathryn has no visitation at all. The new season of Southern Charm will show that Kathryn, while not having 50/50 custody of the minor children, spends time with Kensie and Saint regularly. A very recent Instagram post shows Kathryn helping Kensie make Valentines for Ravenel as a surprise. Ravenel posted on Twitter that he had 100 percent legal custody of the kids, but if true, that might be legal semantics, as recent posts tell a different story.

Southern Charm, Ravenel and Dennis will be back on Bravo on April 3rd, will you be watching?

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