WWE News: John Cena Insisted In Putting Bray Wyatt Over For Title

There has been a number of vocal fans who felt that Bray Wyatt was finished as a main event star and losing so many feuds early in his WWE career had killed his momentum. However, Wyatt is only 29-years-old and has a long career ahead of him and he is now the WWE World Champion. Even bigger for Bray is that he accomplished this by pinning AJ Styles and John Cena in the Elimination Chamber and then pinning Cena again two nights later on SmackDown Live.

On his latest X-Pac 12360 podcast, Sean Waltman revealed that it was John Cena who insisted that he put over Bray Wyatt. The fact that Wyatt pinned Cena cleanly twice – without ever needing to cheat or using outside interference – was the most telling surprise of them all.

“I’m not sure what the finish was supposed to be for the match… But I know this for a fact, that John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over again… insisted on it. That’s not just a rumor.”

This might actually improve the way some WWE fans look at John Cena, a man who many accused in the past of refusing to put over top young stars. When Bray Wyatt was attempting his original rise to power, he fought John Cena in a feud that stretched over a few months.

WWE News: John Cena Insisted In Putting Bray Wyatt Over For Title

In that feud, Bray Wyatt suffered his first ever pinfall loss since debuting the character on the main roster at WrestleMania XXX. Wyatt won a rematch at Extreme Rules thanks to outside interference and then Cena won the feud by beating Bray at Payback.

After that, Bray Wyatt took a long time to recapture his success in the ring, although he remained a favorite of many fans – especially with his entrances. He had a high profile match at WrestleMania 31, where he lost to The Undertaker. At WrestleMania 32, Bray Wyatt didn’t even have a match, instead appearing in an angle where John Cena and The Rock made them look like fools.

WWE News: John Cena Insisted In Putting Bray Wyatt Over For Title

While it seemed that Bray Wyatt was dead in the water, something happened in 2016 after WrestleMania. Wyatt started feuding with Randy Orton and soon Orton joined The Wyatt Family. This caused Luke Harper to end up out of the group and suddenly, Bray was one of the hottest acts in the WWE once again.

After missing WrestleMania last year, Bray Wyatt is set to enter this year in one of the main event matches. When Wyatt won his first ever singles title at Elimination Chamber, he did so in impressive fashion, pinning the last two men to hold the title back-to-back. Bray also did it with his finishing move and he only needed to hit it once on each man.

He repeated the task when he pinned John Cena in the rematch on SmackDown Live, despite Luke Harper attacking him before the match. Bray did something Kevin Owens has not done on Monday Night Raw, and that is winning cleanly in title matches. And Bray did it over the best wrestler in the WWE.


Jim Ross has taken notice and feels that Bray Wyatt might be on the way to a face turn. While many think Randy Orton’s recent proclamation that he will not fight Bray at WrestleMania will not last, and Orton will become the face in that match, Ross said he sees Wyatt as a huge WWE babyface.

“Wyatt is a significant, character baby face in the making IMO and the fans at the live events in the arenas seem to agree. The entertaining and memorable Fire Fly entrance is pure ‘face and let’s not forget that Wyatt’s grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan was one of the great character ‘faces of all time as was Bray’s mentor Dusty Rhodes.”

There is a lot of storytelling still to come with six more weeks until WrestleMania and anything can happen in the WWE. Many people expect the WWE world title match to be a triple-threat between Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Randy Orton, but the truth is that Bray is now a main event star and he has John Cena to thank for that.

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