Archer Season 8 ‘Dreamland’ Trailer Hints About Detective Sterling’s Alter-Ego?

The first full trailer for Archer Season 8, titled "Dreamland," is out. Releasing on FX's sister network, FXX, Archer Season 8 appears to have once again deviated significantly from the core persona that fans of the series have become accustomed to. However, given the ability of the creators of Archer to keep the animated series fresh, fans are excitedly speculating about what lies ahead for Sterling Archer and his gang of trusted lieutenants and friends.

Sterling Archer, the charismatic and suave, yet bumbling and rather naïve detective with a skewed sense of humor, is back. The detective will once again be seen trying to solve crimes with his strange wit and odd skillset in Archer Season 8. Interestingly, Season 7 ended with a rather sad and disappointing ending. The detective was seen floating head-down in the pool with his blood mixing with the pool water.

It wasn't clear then, but Season 7's ending didn't signal the end of the detective but was a cliffhanger instead. The trailer for Season 8 of Archer doesn't indicate how, but the series is expected to take a fundamental detour from the original theme, and viewers are expected to take a journey through Detective Sterling's mind.

Archer Season 8 'Dreamland' Trailer Hints About Detective Sterling's Alter-Ego?
[Image Adam Reed/'Archer'/FX Productions]

It is possible that following his predicament in previous season, Archer ends up in coma, and the entire Season 8 deviates from the show's main plotline to narrate a side-story about the detective through his own mind's imagery. The eagerly expected series jumps from the cliffhanger into Archer's fantasy.

As expected, even in his fantasy, Archer is a seasoned detective or as they were referred to in the 1940s, a private eye. The radically reimagined new episodes of Archer: Dreamland are clearly set in the 1940s. The era is famously referred to as Hollywood noir, and true to the nature of the genre, Archer's latest season is expected to be packed with cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity, coupled with humorous anecdotes and Archer's trademark repartee that often comes across as childish but adorable.

The new trailer, titled "Just Say Noir," showcases almost the entire animated cast of the series. While the characteristics are instantly recognizable, all the characters have been given new suits, hats, and dresses that were prevalent in the 1940s. In the new season, Sterling, a private eye, is seen wearing a trench coat as the entire show goes back in time to the classic era of Hollywood noir. Pam is his partner, while beautiful and seductive Lana is a femme fatale band leader who performs in a nightclub. As expected, Archer is in love with Lana.

Cyril is a detective too, and notably, Cheryl is a client, but this time around she is dressed rather well. Given the nature of the series, fans of Archer expect a lot of mocking of the noir genre and the characters that were played during that time. Speaking about the character development for Archer Season 8, the show's producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson hinted that the lead detective and protagonist will meet alter-ego versions of the Archer characters that the fans are familiar with. Over the course of the Dreamland season, fans will get a chance to see many character traits that were hereto unseen.

Archer Season 8 is expected to be released in Spring of 2017. Fortunately, the release date has been confirmed, and fans can expect Season 8 of Archer to be released on April 5. According to Entertainment Weekly, Archer will begin screening on FX's spin-off channel FXX.

[Featured Image by Adam Reed/Archer/FX Productions]