'The Curse of Oak Island' Team Makes An Intriguing Discovery [Spoilers]

There is one episode left in this season of The Curse of Oak Island, and it looks as though the show has saved the best for last. After the previous episode titled "Of Sticks and Stone" aired, a sneak-peek trailer for next week showed viewers what looks like two objects that may have been retrieved from the Money Pit. The first object looks like a large piece of worked metal that could be a part of a treasure chest. The other object looks like a small coin or perhaps a button.

At this time, there is no further information on whether more items were recovered, so fans of The Curse of Oak Island will have to wait one more week to find out what the Lagina brothers brought up in the new hole drilled at the Money Pit. According to Monsters and Critics, the Money Pit has been the source for most of the various legends and rumors of treasure, and the Lagina brothers resume digging into the original pit. After finding a lot of ancient hand-hewn timber that dated to around the mid 1600s but unfortunately nothing else, Rick and Marty decided that they were going to dig in one more place there that Rick had previously picked out. In an emotional moment, the two brothers came together and decided to dedicate the new dig area to their parents.

At this point, everyone wants to see the Lagina brothers succeed at discovering some type of treasure on Oak Island. They have spent 10 years and millions of dollars searching, and the island has only given them promising tidbits here and there. So far, they have gathered just enough evidence to keep them intrigued and digging for the elusive treasure. The team does seem to be getting close to a breakthrough, and perhaps this final bore hole will tell them what they want to know.

Rick and Marty took to Facebook Live recently in order to recap and answer any questions fans may have concerning the Curse of Oak Island season. Marty asked Rick to summarize the season, and he began by saying that for the first time ever they brought in significant, high-tech gear to assist the team in their search, saying that he believes they made some significant finds. He said they are yet to interpret the value or significance of what they discovered, but Marty mentions that they found a lot of coins in one spot and that they are currently being examined.

As for the box drains located at Smith's cove, based on what they found, they do believe that they did find evidence of some type of drainage system. As fans of the show know, the drainage system is believed to be connected to flood tunnels that would fill the hidden treasure chambers with water if someone tried to break into them. This ingenious design is what has thwarted treasure seekers for over 200 years so far.

When answering fan questions, Marty stated that they plan to continue to look all over the island for treasure. Surprisingly, he stated that he believes the Money Pit is actually a ruse, and that whatever treasure is on Oak Island is actually buried in a place that is much easier to get to. This makes is sound as though nothing that can be described as a hoard of treasure will be pulled up from the Money Pit, at least on this season of The Curse of Oak Island. He also revealed that they have expanded their search beyond Oak Island for other treasure, and they have invested in other treasure searches around the world with some success.

Although the proof has escaped them so far, Rick believes that there may very well be more than one treasure on the island since so many groups came to the island over the centuries. When asked why they believe so strongly that there is treasure on Oak Island, Rick said that for him it was a matter of faith more than anything else.

"I think the core of Oak Island is believing, I think you need to have faith no matter what you endeavor to do in life. I believe that there's a reason to continue."


Treasure hunting has definitely gotten into the Lagina brothers' blood, and to hear them talk, it sounds as though they're far from giving up anytime soon on finding any significant treasure on Oak Island. They have been very visible recently, appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and some are speculating that based on the appearances they are making, there will be another season of The Curse of Oak Island.

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