Shermichael Singleton: Ben Carson Aide Fired Over Article Criticizing Trump

The New York Times is reporting that, yesterday, Shermichael Singleton, a top adviser to Ben Carson, President Donald Trump’s pick for secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, has been fired after he was found writing critically of the president during his vetting process. It is not clear whether President Trump was personally involved in the decision. Singleton had been working with HUD since January 23.

Citing two sources familiar with the situation, the Times reported that Singleton had not been completely vetted by HUD and had started work on preparations for a national tour for the expected housing secretary.

In the late stages of the 2016 presidential race, Shermichael Singleton wrote a blog for The Hill asking “Aren’t we morally obliged to stand up to Trump?”

President Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, whose aide Shermichael Singleton was fired yesterday.

In the piece, Singleton, a Republican strategist, claimed that the Republican Party had been hijacked by a candidate that did not represent conservative “values, principles or traditions.”

“Instead of being offered solutions… we have to operate within the realms of the lowest forms of the human condition.”

Reaching out to Republicans who supported Trump, Singleton held up the group’s “disenfranchisement” and the apparent fact that many feel “left out, forgotten and ignored.” The Republican offered that the “level of anger and disillusionment” felt by Trump supporters has led them to put their votes behind someone who is “antithetical to their core beliefs.”

Citing Donald Trump’s apparent mocking of disabled New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Serge Kovaleski, as previously featured by the Inquisitr, as an example of a fresh “moral low,” Singleton expressed frustration with leaders of religious communities continuing to support the then-presidential candidate.

“How can we be silent while the most vulnerable members of our society are under attack?”

“I can’t talk about it,” is all Shermichael Singleton said when contacted by the Times, which states that the aide was led out of his office at HUD’s headquarters by security personnel. A Housing Department spokesperson reportedly confirmed that Singleton was fired on February 15.

The Times called the move “reminiscent” of Trump’s move to block Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s choice for foreign policy adviser: Elliot Abrams. The lawyer and diplomat was removed from consideration after it was brought to Trumps attention that Abrams had been writing critically of the president.

Ben Carson is awaiting confirmation as secretary of housing, as reported by Housing Wire. However, Shermichael Singleton, who is said to be 26, had already changed his Twitter profile to read “Communications Director” for Dr. Carson and begun work for the department. Tweets critical of Trump embedded in the Hill article are still visible. Otherwise, Singleton has protected his tweets, making them unavailable on the social network to unapproved followers and the public.

President Donald Trump with incoming Housing Secretary Ben Carson.

While not referring directly to the allegations of sexual misconduct levied against the president during his 2016 campaign or lewd audio recording captured on an Access Hollywood bus, as previously featured by the Inquisitr, Singleton stated that conservatives in the United States all have female family members, yet, they continued to “defend the reprehensible, inexcusable and indefensible sexist remarks and actions” of a candidate who was “unfit” and “undeserving” to serve as either the head of the Republican Party or the nation. Claiming that he is “far” from being a “perfect Christian” Singleton stated that attacking those most in need was not something he thought “Christ would approve of.”

The Times reported that Singleton has plans to work for Howard Stirk Holdings, as a vice president, a post he previously held, following his termination. The company is operated by conservative political commentator Armstrong Williams, said to be a “close friend” of the incoming housing secretary.

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