Kellyanne Conway Banned On MSNBC: Time For Trump To Show Her The Door [Opinion]

There’s no denying that Kellyanne Conway was instrumental in getting Donald Trump into the White House, but if he wants to stay there, he needs to show her the door. Since his election, Kellyanne Conway has stayed onboard as a mouthpiece for the president, however, over the course of the past few weeks, she’s become increasingly unruly and unreliable. But the tip of the iceberg came on Wednesday when the host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe announced that Conway is now banned from appearing on the show.

According to the Independent, Mika Brzezinski, the host of MSNBC’s breakfast show Morning Joe has confirmed that she will no longer invite Conway on her program, saying “I know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show; I won’t do it. Every time I’ve ever seen her on television, something’s askew, off, or incorrect.”

Kellyanne Conway at the Inaugural Ball.

Brzezinski told viewers that Conway needn’t try and contact the show again, as for as long as she is the host, Conway won’t be invited on air. And now, it’s only a matter of time before other shows follow suit. Brzezinski slammed Conway as “not credible anymore,” which will, in turn, make it very difficult for other networks to invite Conway on air. The persistent lies, or “alternative facts” as she calls them, have made Kellyanne Conway and impossible spokesperson for a White House that is already all too often called out on its claims.

There’s only one solution left for the White House now, it’s time for President Trump to show Kellyanne Conway the door.


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Conway’s problems don’t stop with being banned from MSNBC, however. According to Salon, just last week she entered a heated exchange with CNN host Jake Tapper, during which he heavily criticized Conway for her fake bowling green massacre story. CNN later published a report citing sources that claim Kellyanne Conway is spreading rumors in the White House over the imminent firing of Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Conway hasn’t returned to CNN since.

On Tuesday, Conway seemingly tweeted a white nationalist on Twitter, saying “Your strength & resiliency in face of vile hatred, bigotry, & sexism of the unhinged Left is a daily inspiration! Love you!” Conway denied any responsibility for the tweet, claiming that somebody else must have had access to her Twitter account.

Anti-Conway sentiment is growing in the White House too. Allies of Sean Spicer say that Conway has been incredibly destructive in the West Wing, with one GOP strategist saying “It’s becoming abundantly clear that Kellyanne is making Sean’s job impossible.” Through her media appearances and maneuvers within the White House, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Conway is looking to spread a narrative that Sean Spicer isn’t up to the job, possibly in an attempt to line herself up as a replacement.

Kellyanne Conway is supposed to provide to counsel to the President, instead, she’s creating chaos in an already sinking White House. Conway’s “alternative facts” simply aren’t a viable strategy when it comes to communicating with the American people, especially for a White House that already has a problem with the truth.

Less than a month into his presidency and Donald Trump’s problems are endless. However, showing Kellyanne Conway the door would undeniably ease some of the credibility issues his administration is facing. Whether or not she’d go peacefully or in true Kellyanne Conway style is another matter.

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