Walmart Goodies Is A New, Super Low Priced Surprise Snack Delivery Service

Walmart Goodies is a new mail order service the company is unveiling, and the tech arm of the company said Walmart had one goal when developing the new initiative: “Pricing aggressively.”

Walmart Goodies is not the only mail-order service in the game to introduce customers to new foods — but similar services are a significantly higher price point versus Walmart’s $7 all-in deal.

And if Walmart Goodies sounds like it would reflect the company’s more middle of the road fare, it seems to include far more high-end items than one might expect.

The spot below tweeted out by @WalmartLabs on launch shows small-brand savory snacks and colorful French-style macarons, not Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Super Pretzel.

The upscale branding is part of the initiative for Walmart Goodies, WalmartLabs’ VP of products Ravi Raj tells Fast Company. Raj says:

“We don’t want to carry run of the mill products … We want them to evoke a sense of passion and excitement in our customers. The key thing is having that ‘wow’ factor.”

walmart goodies sample

Raj also confirms the packages are valued at a higher retail cost than the $7 price, but says that the company benefits as well through market research made possibly by Walmart Goodies and a pool of captive test shoppers. He explains:

“The whole social aspect of this is critical … This is a two-way dialogue. It isn’t about us sending products and you just getting and eating them.”

Interested in subscribing to Walmart Goodies? WalmartLabs has released the following video explaining how the service works and illustrating sample offerings.