‘Vikings’ Season 5 Episode 1 Spoilers, Potential Release Date And Trailer

Vikings has been renewed for Season 5 and will be returning with 20 episodes. While there has been no official release date, it is expected that the first half of Vikings Season 5 will be released in Fall 2017. Vikings creator Michael Hirst revealed that the fifth season is already on the way and he described what to expect in Vikings Season 5, Episode 1 in an interview with Variety:

“Ivar’s in a special position, he always has been. I think if memory serves Season 5 begins with the burial of Sigurd, and Ivar is weeping and saying he never meant to do it. But his murder of Sigurd splits the brothers — they split up into different camps. A large part of the next season will be about, will it be like this great Roman conflict after Caesar’s death, the great Roman civil wars with Brutus and Cassius and Octavian? These people are playing for possession of the known world. It’s not like a little local fight — these are huge territories. The Great Army has conquered a huge part of England. How do we behave now? That’s what Season 5 opens with.”

Vikings took a bold move in the fourth season to kill off Ragnar and go forward with his sons. The finale also introduced Heahmund, who is portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He will join the main cast in the fifth season and will serve as a formidable opponent to Ivar, who revealed his plans to keep conquering Vikings territory.

The short scene featuring Heahmund shows that he is a flawed man, despite being deeply religious. The Saxon Bishop warrior was seen sleeping with a widow after the funeral of her husband. Ivar also proved to have a strategic eye for battle as he outsmarted the late King Ecbert’s son who narrowly escaped the ambush.

Michael Hirst described Jonathan Rhys Meyers character Heahmund:

“I knew that I needed a big new Saxon hero, a new warrior, someone who could potentially stand up to the vikings, and I found out about these warrior bishops who were real people — Heahmund was a real person. They were the precursors of the Knights Templar. They were very clever, very well-educated, but they were warriors, they would go into battle against spiritual opponents, like pagans.”

The Vikings Season 5 trailer begins with The Seer stating that the consequences of Ragnar’s death are not yet played out. It is worth noting that Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar has confirmed that he will not be returning as a ghost. The trailer shows Flocki somewhere in Iceland on his own and it is not clear what the future holds for him. A short scene features Ivar standing and many short clips of battle scenes featuring Heahmund.

Lagertha is still destined to be killed by one of Ragnar’s son’s but she is seen making peace with Ubbe. Sigurd was the only son of Aslaug who was not interested in killing Lagertha but he was killed by Ivar during one of his temper tantrums. Harald Finehair is seen sporting a crown and may in closer to becoming King of Norway in Vikings Season 5.

With Sigurd being killed off, the series is not afraid of diverging from historical events. The fifth season will likely focus on battles between Christians and Vikings – thus a battle of religious beliefs as well as the ambition for glory. Bjorn will head by to the Mediterranean and Rollo will likely join him as Ragnar’s son’s go their separate ways.

Previous seasons of Vikings started around February of March. However, with 20 episodes there is a good chance it will premiere in November 2017 with the first half of the fifth season.

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[Featured Image by Jonathan Hession/History Channel]