Mariah Carey New Performance After NY Slays On Jimmy Kimmel Live [Watch]

Remember that old adage, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger?” Or how about the simple yet succinct wise Japanese proverb, “Fall down seven, stand up eight.” Well, we don’t really know the exact number of times that Mariah Carey has seemingly failed in public, but she certainly knows how to brush herself off, make herself stronger and get on right up. As the final live act before midnight on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, the performance certainly made her viral and even more famous, but not for reasons that any artist would want to go through.

It was a well-known flop of a performance that was aired live on screens all over the world. Carey and the entire production team had experienced technical difficulties. As reported on, the Grammy award-winning artist had performed “Auld Lang Syne” with no glitches. The next performance, “Emotion” was already a challenging song in itself and would prove to be the part where things went haywire. Mariah Carey announced after that she could not hear anything and tried to wing it, even announcing to the audience that they didn’t have a sound check but that it was okay because it was the New Year.

She was still pretty chill at that point but it didn’t get any better with the next song, “We Belong Together.” She was lip-synching the song, which she admitted to, but never hit the right marks. There were even attempts at dancing when she just finally gave up and left the stage with some parting words: “It just don’t get any better.” Later on, she just went on Twitter and acknowledged the botch-up in a very chill Mariah way. And this is why she just gets right on up.

Mariah Carey’s New Live Performance

After that disastrous New Year’s performance, Mariah Carey is still making headlines as news of her latest live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! has reached audiences. And word is that it’s the perfect comeback, something that she may sorely be needing after her 2016, where she also split up and broke off her engagement with billionaire James Packer. Her performance actually starts off with “I Don’t” – her latest single produced by Jermaine Dupri that is launched with a music video that shows her burning a white wedding dress with the lyrics, “Probably think I’m coming back, but I don’t.”

Mariah Carey with James Packer

She is joined by rapper YG, who donned a white suit minus an inner shirt, while she slays with a signature silky red number and sultry hair. In an interview with Billboard, Mariah speaks positive about YG and their chemistry in the studio. “He wrote his rhyme and then out of nowhere, he came up with the ‘I know you love me’ part and I loved that [singing] section. I feel like he was a perfect collaboration because he really focuses on what he’s doing,” she relays. Their sultry set can be seen below:

Her second live song is “Visions of Love,” another one of her musically challenging songs that made her popular in the 90s. We can certainly say that nothing and no one can match Mariah Carey’s honeyed voice when it comes to singing this original song. It seems that nothing’s stopping her as she’s set to start her North American tour this coming March.

Mariah Carey New Performance

This performance may be the redemption we’ve all been waiting for because let’s face it. Love her or hate her, Mariah Carey still is Mariah Carey and we’ve all sang to her songs. Nobody wants to see an idol fall, even if she can be such a musical diva.

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