Conor McGregor Wants Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Big Fat A**’

Conor McGregor is enthralled by Khloe Kardashian’s derriere and is interested in seeing it in real life. The mixed martial artist revealed to GQ magazine that since he was in Malibu he would search for Khloe, as he wanted to her and her family in the flesh.

He added that he didn’t really care about them he just wanted to see what their backsides actually looked like. In short, in his less than charming way of saying so he wanted to admire the Kardashian sisters but not actually meet them and have a conversation with him. He continued on with vulgar remarks on how it was just about seeing the girls rather than anything else. He specifically wanted to see their bottoms.

Conor McGregor says he wants to see khloe-kardashian's "big fat ass" in flesh
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He is set to have a child with his girlfriend in May and one can only wonder how she feels about his remarks towards the Kardashian clan. However, he revealed his protective nature in the same interview by threatening that he would hurt anyone who would try to approach him the way he is usually approached while he is with his child.

McGregor The Big Trash Talker

The reigning UFC champion had less than kind words for other people as well such as Floyd Mayweather. Conor started with saying that his fist was bigger than Floyd’s head and continued to say that he was stating facts when it came to making people unconscious.

“If I crack that little head of his, it’s gonna go clean off his shoulder and up into the bleachers.”

George Foreman, a boxing legend, weighed in on the two fighters and said that nobody knew who McGregor was and that he should take advantage of that and fight more before taking on Mayweather.

Conor has been loudly hinting that he is interested in taking on the former professional boxer. He even made fun of the fact that Mayweather had said he wasn’t fighting anyone anytime soon as he had retired. He promised his fans that they would be the first ones to know if a fight were to happen but for the time being there would be no such fight. McGregor took to his Instagram with a funny response captioning, “I am in Las Vegas. Floyd has retired on my arrival.”

Conor McGregor says he wants to see khloe-kardashian's "big fat ass" in flesh
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The two continue to spur on their social media with Mayweather saying to the former UFC featherweight champ that if he really wanted to fight him then he would have to sort out his issues with UFC then his people can get in touch with people.

The Irish man has some issues with UFC at the moment, which he has been sorting out. The UFC has exclusive rights on his career and they have the right to decide what he does especially when it comes to fights. They would have to agree first before he can take on anyone or ay fight for that matter.

The fight would be the next biggest fight in history and would obviously make both of them a lot of money in the process.

Is Conor Ready For The Super Fight?

The big talker has managed to anger other fighters who aren’t on his side when it comes to his future possible fight with Floyd. One of his former opponents, Jose Aldo said during an interview that he should be careful taking on people who have been boxing for all their lives. He believed that once one is trained in one sport getting into another would definitely get them beaten. He even used himself as an example whereby he said if he went back to jiu-jitsu he would definitely get beaten. He added that no one liked the Irishman and that Conor’s reputation was bruised and the only people who liked him were the Irish.

The wannabe boxer has been training hard and has been getting ready for the possibility of the super fight.

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