‘Baby Mop’ Transforms Your Child Into A Tiny Cleaning Machine [Video]

Is your child not keeping up his or her end of the daily chores? The Baby Mop is here to help. According to Time, this thing actually exists.

The premise is simple: drop your child into a onesie outfitted with mop heads on the arms and legs. As the little rascal crawls around the house, it helpfully and conveniently collects all sorts of dirt, dust bunnies, and all manner of icky things on its tiny limbs. At the end of the day, mom and dad will have a lot less cleaning to do.

Before you get upset, The Baby Mop is just a goof.

Mike Parker, owner of BetterThanPants.com, said he based the idea on a fake Japanese advertisement that’s been making the rounds for several years. Inspired by the joke, Parker embarked on a mission to make it a reality. What he didn’t expect was for the product to take off.

“At first it was two or three a day, and we were like, oh wow people are actually buying these. Then it just kind of took off. All of a sudden they were like crazy double digits,” Parker said. “As far as anything that’s not t-shirt related, nothing has taken off like this.”

For those who are unsure about the product, the website offers up five reasons why you really need one:

“1. Teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life.
2. Your baby will learn not to drop and waste food.
3. Baby will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too!
4. Not having to clean your floors saves you time so you can spend it doing things you enjoy.
5. Save lots of money on house cleaning costs.”

‘The Baby Mop’ retails on the website for a mere $40. Although the onesie is obviously designed as a gag, certain visitors to the site don’t seem to be in on the joke.

“This is the laziest product I’ve ever seen,” one individual wrote. “What a ridiculous product. I swear some people. What ever happened to letting your baby just be a baby?”

According to WHEC-TV, Parker is hoping the product is a huge hit this holiday season.

“We wanted to have something light and fun for the holiday season. And that is where the idea came from and we put it up as a gag gift or for a photo opportunity for your child,” he said.

What do you think about The Baby Mop? Is it a cute joke or a sick gag?