Colette Butler Pictures: Shay Carl’s Wife Goes Silent After Cheating Scandal

Colette Butler has gone silent in the wake of husband Shay Carl’s cheating scandal, but that hasn’t stopped millions of curious people from seeking out pictures of the famous YouTube wife online.

Shay and Colette are the head of the popular Shaytards family, one of the most-watched YouTube channels that amassed close to 5 million subscribers by sharing the adventures of their large, devoutly Mormon family.

But that family was rocked this week by a scandal involving Shay Carl, with an Instagram celebrity and self-professed “cam girl” named Aria Nina sharing racy and often graphic private messages that Shay Carl had sent her. Shay confirmed the messages were real and posted a note to Twitter telling fans that he had spiraled into alcohol abuse and was leaving YouTube to seek treatment.

In the note, Shay Carl did not directly address the allegations from Aria Nina, but the site We The Unicorns noted that he appeared to make reference to it.

“Shay’s letter does not specifically make reference to Aria’s tweets, but the lines ‘I’m sorry I let you down, I’m sorry I let my family down’ may well be referring to the cam girl’s claims. The timing of his letter shortly after her revelations might also suggest a link; but we are unable to confirm or deny her assertions at this time.”

Shay Carl’s wife was even tagged in one of the more graphic messages posted by Aria Nina, but she has sine gone silent. The last Twitter post from Colette Butler came two days before the scandal broke.

In the wake of Shay Carl’s cheating scandal, many people have sought out pictures of Colette Butler, and her name has become a trending term across social media.

Colette Butler Pictures: Shay Carl's Wife Goes Silent After Cheating Scandal

The family first shot to fame more than a decade ago, when Shay Carl posted a video of himself dancing in a unitard. The video went viral, and with some help from other popular vloggers at the time, the Shaytards channel became a staple of early YouTube. Since then, the family has grown the channel into an empire of sorts, with spin-off shows from family members. Shay Carl was also one of the co-founders of Makers Studio, a YouTube production studio that was purchased by Disney for $500 million.

Colette Butler herself has made a name online outside of the Shaytards channel, appearing as a host on the talk show The Mom’s View and making appearances.

The International Business Times has more background on Colette Butler before her rise to fame.

“Colette is also known as Katilette and MommyTard. The 34-year-old was an exercise trainer before Shay became a popular figure on YouTube. Colette was born on June 29, 1982, to Coleen and Vince Crofts and reportedly has four siblings named Adam, Candice, Sadie, and Callie. Colette and Shay got married in 2003, and have five children — Emmi, Gavin, Avia, Brock, and Daxton.”

The family had announced in September that they would be shutting down the popular channel this year, allowing their children to have some time outside of the spotlight.

Many pictures of Colette Butler circulated online in the wake of Shay Carl’s cheating scandal, showing what appeared to be a devoted mother and happy wife. The Butler family was long held up as an example of wholesome offerings from YouTube, with the family sharing some of their intimate moments, including many aspects of their Mormon faith. Colette herself shared many pictures of the family’s life together.

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