WWE News: Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly May Have Re-Signed For Big Role With WWE

Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly has been away from the WWE for years now, but she always wanted to come back eventually, and it seems the WWE might bring her back for a huge role that will be a major part of WWE RAW. Kelly Kelly comes from a time when the WWE Divas of the world were known for mostly being hot, but they were not really good in the ring. Today, we have beautiful women who are amazing wrestlers, which fans love a lot more.

This is why WWE fans have actually been against bringing back former WWE Divas like Kelly Kelly because they know she is not a wrestler, but rather just a pretty face. The cool thing with Kelly Kelly is that she can talk relatively well and has gained some acting experience since leaving WWE. This is big for the WWE because they can use her in certain roles that were not considered when she was working for the company.

Recently, we saw the debut of Emmalina, and people were surprised that she would go on the air and basically pull a swerve on everyone and claim she was going back to being just Emma. The reason for this move, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, was that Vince McMahon did not like the way she was performing in rehearsals and felt Emma was not into the character. Obviously, Vince liked the idea for the character and wanted it to be played, so he pushed it through as much as he could.

Kelly Kelly in car

Finally, WWE decided against Emma playing the role, but the role of a hot chick similar to a PG Sunny and The Kat is still wide open, and many believe WWE is bringing Kelly Kelly in to play the role. She was backstage at WWE RAW this week, coincidentally the same day as the Emmalina situation. It is not as if WWE and Kelly Kelly have not spoken about a comeback up to that point, but Kelly Kelly did indicate that she might be with WWE soon during an interview on WWE.com when RAW went off the air.

It is being said that Kelly Kelly is just one of the various women WWE has contacted about a return for something WWE has planned at WrestleMania 33. As of now, no one but upper management truly knows exactly what the company is going for, but it could lead to something quite special. WWE already brought Mickie James back in, but they have also contacted former WWE Diva Victoria as well.

Kelly Kelly is reportedly still in favor of being with WWE in a big way, and it is rumored as of now that she signed a multi-year deal with WWE to return. If this is true, she could make a wrestling return by the summer time. However, this rumor comes out of Reddit without another source backing it up. What is confirmed is that WWE will be using Kelly Kelly in a cool role at least for WrestleMania season.

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The thought is that she would take over the Emmalina role, but under her WWE name, of course, and appear on television a great deal in this role without actually wrestling. However, some assume she might want to wrestle eventually. She could return in the same manner as Maryse and serve a non-wrestling role, but Kelly could eventually get back in the ring on rare occasions.

Maryse is expected to work in a tag match with The Miz against John Cena and Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 33, which would be the first time in years that Maryse has stepped into a wrestling match for the company. Kelly Kelly has been away from WWE about as long and was not known for being great inside the squared circle, so any storyline to let her look amazing that doesn’t include her wrestling might be appreciated by the WWE fans.

It would certainly be terrific to have Kelly Kelly return to WWE in a role similar to that of a Sable or The Kat, but the question is, would she work heel as many would assume? We have never seen Kelly play anything but a babyface, so it would be odd to see her in any other way. We’ll have to wait and see if her role will be long-term or short-term, as it would be interesting to see her play a role that would normally not fit in the rating system WWE has employed.

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