‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna’s In Dire Shape, Julian Faces Tough Choices

Things have been wild in Port Charles this week on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that there is plenty more chaos on the way. Some viewers missed a good chunk of Thursday’s show due to the press conference with President Donald Trump, but it seems that only the East Coast was affected. What went down during the February 16 show and where are things headed next?

As SheKnows Soaps details, Felix and Epiphany caught up to the news that Elizabeth and Franco are together now and they discussed the strike at General Hospital. They decided that they need an insider to keep track of what’s going on with the other side and Franco agreed to do it. Laura and Tracy were butting heads at GH, but they later connected at the Floating Rib and worked through things. Laura made a case for how the staff is the heart of the facility, and soon Tracy had a brainstorm about how to turn things around.

Anna had snuck into Valentin’s place to poke around, but she became ill again and was busted by Valentin. He rushed her to GH, and when she awakened, she was faced with weakness and blurry vision. Nathan worked to convince Nina to give Maxie another chance, but Maxie tracked them down, and tempers flared. Nina learned that Valentin was at GH and she rushed off to find him, soon finding Valentin sitting by Anna’s bed and holding her hand.

'General Hospital' star Michelle Stafford plays Nina

What is wrong with Anna? Finn will discover that she has a blood clot and he’ll work on drawing blood, but Griffin will notice his tremoring hands. Griffin will later confront Finn over his health, but they are interrupted with Anna’s test results, and it sounds as if bad news is on the way.

Dillon surprised Kiki with some cheesy gifts for Valentine’s Day, and the two decided to take things to the next level and make love. Afterward, they will talk about how much she trusts him, and she’ll open up about wanting their relationship to build. Hayden and Finn had a confrontation over his behavior, and she threatened to tell Tracy about his issues. However, Hayden was shut down by Tracy before she had a chance to reveal anything.

Rebecca Budig plays Hayden on 'General Hospital'

Franco headed to GH to start his mission of gathering information, but things took a turn when Hayden had to tell him that he was now out of a job as his program had been cut. Where do things head from here? General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will be quite upset with Valentin and she won’t waste much time in confronting him.

Anna’s condition will be quite serious, and Finn will speak with her about a bone marrow biopsy. Spoilers hint that someone rather unlikely will be stepping up to help her, and it sounds as if this could be a juicy moment.

There are some romantic moments between Ned and Olivia coming up on Friday’s episode and General Hospital spoilers share that Julian will start to try to explain what’s been going on to Alexis. We Love Soaps shares that Julian will have to face making a deal with the devil and viewers know that his sister Liv continues to be intent on revenge.

Franco will face breaking the news to Elizabeth that he lost his job and can’t get any more insider information for her and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Elizabeth will reach out to Sam to ask for some support. Friday’s show also brings more with Kiki and Dillon, as they will be facing a surprise of some sort and the previews tease that he’ll mention how something is “like life or death,” although based on his tone, this doesn’t sound as if it is necessarily all that serious.

SheKnows Soaps reveals some additional tidbits that are on the way, as Sam will feel certain that Ava is being set up by someone and Liv will be furious when she finds out that Julian tried to gain the upper hand over her. She’ll strike back by kidnapping Sam, and that will clearly set the stage for intense drama during the week of February 20.

What is Tracy’s big idea for saving GH? What’s going on with Anna’s health and what’s the full story regarding her past with Valentin? How far will Liv go to get the revenge she’s seeking and how much danger will Sam and her baby be in as a result? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be intense as the month continues and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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