Mummified Bat Found In German Man’s Box Of Cereal

Imagine sitting down to breakfast, pouring out a bowl of your favorite cereal with milk, and then noticing something isn’t quite right.

A German man had just such an experience recently, finding a mummified bat in his cereal bowl at his home in Stuttgart. Metro reports that it isn’t yet known if the bat made its way into the bag in the cereal factory or at some point along the way, but what is certain is that food safety officials have some investigating to do.

According to the Huffington Post, the mummified bat was found in a box of Mini-Zimties cereal. Mini-Zimties is an organic cornflake made with cinnamon and brown sugar.

The Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Offices in Stuttgart notes that had the now-mummified bat flown into the cereal during the bag-filling process, it would have been a “death trap” for the animal. Disturbingly, unintended animals have been popping up in foods all over Europe lately.

This month, a British man found a dead mouse in his cereal — after already taking the first bite — and just a couple of months ago a British woman was shocked to find a live frog in a serving of pre-packaged salad. The frog had survived in the package for 24 hours.

A statement from the grocery where the live frog was sold in a salad could probably apply just as well to the incident with the bat found in a man’s cereal, though the companies are not related.

“Although this is an isolated incident, we’re investigating with our suppliers how this happened and taking steps to further minimize the chances of this happening again,” their statement said.

How would you react to finding a mummified bat in your cereal?