‘Total War: Warhammer’ DLC News: Vampire Counts Get New Legendary Lord

Total War: Warhammer players are quite a pampered lot with Creative Assembly consistently introducing new content into the real-time strategy title. This month, the developer will be rolling out the highly anticipated Bretonnia DLC that will finally promote the faction to a fully playable race.

However, it will not just be the Bretonnians that gets a boost with the upcoming Total War: Warhammer DLC’s release. The upcoming pack will likewise be augmenting the ranks of the Vampire Counts with the introduction a new Legendary Lord for the race.

The new Warhammer Legendary Lord is Isabella von Carstein, said to be the bloodmate of Vlad. Creative Assembly recently released a trailer for the new Vampire Counts member, which gave a few interesting details about her backstory.

Isabella von Carstein is of noble blood, being the daughter of Sylvania’s mad count Otto von Drak. Upon the death of her father, however, Vlad von Carstein, the first Vampire Count, rose to power. Rather than object Vlad for seizing power over Sylvania, Isabella was mesmerized by Vlad’s charisma and became his devoted supporter.

But Isabella’s loyalty to Count Vlad von Carstein did not go unnoticed. The Count eventually gave Isabella the blood kiss transforming her into an immortal vampire as well.

The Total War: Warhammer trailer for the new Legendary Lord seems to suggest that the Vampire Counts could gain some buff with Isabella deployed on the battlefield. While she is indeed a formidable vampire on her own right, it is stated that when both Isabella and Vlad are on the same battlefield, their powers will be multiplied.

But of course, one can only expect such tactical advantage to come at a premium. There are speculations that while the Total War: Warhammer Bretonnia DLC is free, activating the new Legendary Lord might have a price tag according to PC Invasion.

But there is still hope for players to get Isabella von Carstein free with the upcoming Bretonnia DLC. Apparently, Creative Assembly is willing to unleash the undead Legendary Lord into the Total War world without extra cost on the condition that the Total War: Warhammer game must win SEGA’s Make War Not Love contest. However, the developer is confusingly silent on what happens next should its strategy title lose the contest, prompting speculation that Isabella might be offered as a paid character instead.

The upcoming Warhammer DLC will finally promote the Bretonnia faction into a fully playable race. Previously, the faction was only available for trading and as enemies in campaigns, and they were only playable in Battle mode in a very limited fashion, PCGamesN reported.

The faction’s entry into the playable race arena should present gamers exciting strategy options to explore. While Creative Assembly has not yet released the full details on Bretonnia’s strengths and unique capabilities, the developer already revealed some exciting details about its leaders.

For instance, the upcoming Total War: Warhammer DLC will introduce three Legendary Lords for Bretonnia. These are the Fay Enchantress, who is Bretonnia’s chief sorceress, King Louren, who uses the legendary half eagle, half horse hippogryph as his mount, as well as the Grail-seeker, Alberic of Bordeleaux.

Unfortunately, no details have been released on the special skills and abilities these Legendary Lords possess. Creative Assembly is expected to reveal more in the coming weeks as the DLC’s release date approaches.

The developer has been generous to gamers lately, dropping free content regularly for Total War: Warhammer players to enjoy. Just recently, it made good on its promise to make the Legendary Lord Grombrindal The White Dwarf, who was introduced in November last year, available for everyone at no extra cost.

The Total War: Warhammer Bretonnia DLC release date is slated this coming February 28.

[Featured Image by Total War]