‘Paranormal Lockdown’ S2E10: Rampart Street Murder House Preview

Paranormal Lockdown S2E10 takes a slightly different approach this week, investigating not only a smaller property than usual but one whose violent history wasn’t so long ago. Instead of a sprawling mansion or abandoned asylum, this week on Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman investigate the Rampart Street Murder House in New Orleans, Louisiana. Unlike most of the properties the paranormal team investigates, the events suspected of triggering the paranormal activity at this location didn’t occur in another century, but just a little over a decade ago. In fact, this episode was filmed during the 10th anniversary of the murder/suicide that took place there.

Warning: very mild spoilers follow.

Paranormal Lockdown Investigates A Legendary New Orleans Tragedy

While a house in the 1800s has plenty of history that might stir up a ghost or two, the Rampart Street Murder House is known for a gruesome crime that occurred post-Katrina. It’s the tragic tale of a couple, Zack Bowen and Addie Hall, who weathered that devastating disaster and stayed in their beloved city, but they didn’t survive each other. When Zack committed suicide, his death was a tragedy in itself, but even more horrifying was the note he left behind.

His suicide note led to police finding the dismembered body of his girlfriend, Addie, in their apartment, with body parts in the oven and her head in a pot on top of the stove, charred beyond recognition. The disturbing writings on the walls and Zack’s suicide note made it clear he was the killer.

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Yes, Paranormal Lockdown Fans, Groff Finds Another Crazy Place To Sleep

If you’re a fan of Paranormal Lockdown, you know this is going to give off some powerful vibes to Groff and Weidman. And if you’re a fan of Paranormal Lockdown, you know that Groff will find some insane place to sleep in this episode, like every episode so far of Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown. If it wasn’t for being physically impossible, it’s a given Groff would’ve tried to sleep in the original oven that held the remains of Addie, which is still in the vacant apartment. Yet even in such a tiny space, Groff finds other accommodations of questionable judgment, to put it diplomatically.

After a history of sleeping on a bloodstained mattress where a suicide had occurred to sleeping with his head downhill in the dead body transport tunnel of Waverley Hills Sanatorium, Groff still manages to surprise Weidman with his choice this time around. That’s saying something.

Who’s Haunting The Rampart Street Murder House?

The paranormal duo holds their investigation this time in what was a very small studio apartment and shop beneath it that was the former site of a voodoo store where the owner engaged in various rituals and readings. While many would presume the most obvious contact on this episode of Paranormal Lockdown would be the deceased couple, in a building this old, suffice it to say there are many layers of history. And while there may be hints that the couples still reside there in a spiritual form, they aren’t alone. One of the interesting things that comes up in this episode of Paranormal Lockdown is a question of whether spirits themselves can be traumatized by witnessing events that happen in a particular location.

Expect the usual gadgets to help record and enhance vocalization by spirits or residual hauntings, as well as a brand-new device that uses lights to sense changes in energy over a large area. While the voice enhancing devices may not be new, there is something particularly creepy about the voices that come through at Rampart Street Murder House in this episode. And yes, that was plural.

Paranormal Lockdown airs on TLC on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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