#HurtBae – Leonard Cheats On Courtney, She Cries: The Scene’s 300K Likes [Video]

The below video from the Twitter account called The Scene is less than seven minutes long, but it has taken over Twitter with nearly 300,000 likes and nearly 130,000 retweets. The #hurtbae hashtag has gone viral as a result. The description doesn’t call the protagonist of The Scene #hurtbae, but the Internet being what it is — and dubbing a viral cook #saltbae or the good-looking subject of a mugshot #prisonbae — the cheated-upon woman in The Scene has become #hurtbae. The Scene explains in the description of the video that videos from The Scene are “videos for women who get it.” This viral video from The Scene explains that after Leonard cheated on Courtney — better known as #hurtbae — “Courtney and Leonard now live in different states, but they still speak regularly.”

Leonard is seemingly very honest with his #hurtbae, and perhaps that’s why the world wide web has reacted in anger against the man who #hurtbae, or “hurt bae,” as it were. Memes have exploded and people are posting the dialogue between #hurtbae and the man who hurt his former bae all over the place.

The man who hurt bae: “I did everything.”

#Hurtbae: “Like what?”

The man who hurt bae: “I had sex with other girls. I did everything.”

#Hurtbae explained that she would go through his phone and see text messages and pictures of girls. #Hurtbae would ask him about it. Sometimes he would lie, #hurtbae explained.

After Leonard promised that he would stop cheating and didn’t, #hurtbae continued to stick with him, despite the hurt his cheating caused. One specifically harrowing scene in The Scene showed #hurtbae explaining how hurt she was when Leonard turned her away because he had another girl in his room. #Hurtbae said that she returned to her room and cried almost the entire night after being hurt so hard by her bae. For the uninitiated, BAE is an acronym for “before anybody else.”

#Hurtbae: “One time I went to his room and he had someone else in his room and he told me to leave. I went back to my room and I just cried the whole night.”

However, Leonard didn’t put Courtney “before anybody else,” even as the duo recalled meeting and the fact that #hurtbae didn’t even like Leonard at first. He helped #hurtbae carry her groceries, however, and eventually, the two became best friends. #Hurtbae went a little while without talking to the man who hurt her so much, but then they’d get back together. It was forgiveness that Leonard didn’t understand.

Leonard: “If you would go through that measure to find whatever, why wouldn’t you just leave?”

#Hurtbae: “I think I was just like stupid. How many times did you cheat on me?”

Leonard: “I wasn’t counting.”

#Hurtbae walked away and came back after that honest confession. According to Twitter, #hurtbae was a top trending topic, with the Internet falling in love with the viral Valentine’s Day story, which — as Twitter explains — is a “couple’s heart-wrenching confessional [that] leaves people talking.”

Leonard explained to #hurtbae that his cheating had more to do with him not being able to commit, because at the time he didn’t want to commit. They weren’t on the same page. #Hurtbae was told there was nothing that she could have done differently to prevent the cheating. #Hurtbae did everything she needed to do to be a good girlfriend.

It was the first stage of moving on, with #hurtbae and Leonard both kind of accepting that their relationship was really over.

#Hurtbae: “Today I couldn’t see my life without you. I feel like you hurt me a lot. I feel like you abandoned me.”

Leonard: “I apologize for hurting you and I hope in the future we can remain good friends and I get a chance to see you grow into the woman that you’re becoming.”

Whereas the Twitter and Instagram accounts of #hurtbae are public, Mr. Lenny Loud Packs Twitter and Instagram accounts are private.

[Featured Image by Twitter/The Scene]