Watch SWFL Eagle Cam Live Online As Bald Eagles Thrive In Windy Weather [Video]

As Florida experiences a cold front, there has been a lot of windy weather at the Southwest Florida eagle cam (SWFL). Home to mother Harriet, father M15 and 47-day-old E9, the live streaming eagle cam has captured some harrowing moments. Wind gusts caused many eagle cam viewers to fear E9 would blow over the nest’s edge. Fortunately, everything has been smooth and the nest has withstood falling temperatures and increased wind speeds. According to Sun Sentinel, Florida will experience colder-than-normal temperatures and all eyes will be on the SWFL nest to see how they thrive. Bald eagles are sturdy birds and there is no reason to suspect they will have a difficult time due to the upcoming colder temperatures.

A video showing Harriet and M15 with their clutch from 2016 is drawing interest from those who watch the SWFL live eagle cam. On the same date, but one year previous, Florida had a rainy night and Harriet and M15 were captured on video shielding their chicks from the rain. You may watch that video below. The video is a true example of the love and care that bald eagles have for their young. Those who’ve watched the eagle cam since it started streaming know that M15 and Harriet have provided excellent care and attention to E9. Fortunately for E9, Wednesday’s rain did not cause E9 to be in dire need of shelter.

young bald eagle

E9 continues to grow and learn new skills, and soon he’ll begin developing his perching skills. Those watching the SWFL eagle cam have noticed that Harriet and M15 are bringing larger sticks or those with a thick diameter to the nest. Some have wondered if these thicker sticks will serve as practice perches for E9. Though E9 has grown leaps and bounds since hatching on New Year’s Eve, there’s still many skills that must be developed. In the following video, you can watch as Harriet brings multiple sprigs and branches of fresh pine needles. She and E9 move the pine around the nest. This type of behavior helps keep the nest clean as eagles don’t necessarily remove remains of their spoils. Pine is also a natural insect repellant. E9 seems to enjoy playing with the pine needles. You might also notice larger branches in the nest.

Also, entertaining was E9 working on the nest. E9 enjoyed picking up branches and moving them across the nest. Other videos showed E9 playing with a stick as if it were his or her own personal toy. E9 has become beloved by many cam viewers and watching E9 get excited about a new experience has brought joy to many people.

You can watch the eagle cam, live online 24/7 in the video player directly below. Catch up on highlights from the SWFL eagle cam featuring Harriet, M15 and E9 in the videos below as well.