Ivanka Trump Pics Appearing To Check Out Canada PM Justin Trudeau Ignite Memes

A string of pics of Ivanka Trump appearing to glare desirably at Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gone viral. First Daughter Ivanka’s dreamy gaze photos have created the stuff of legends with memes that put a spin on Donald Trump’s daughter’s mind.

You can count on a comedian — or eagle-eyed user on social media — to find just the right pic to troll or inspire a litany of memes. The honors for the Ivanka Trump-Justin Trudeau photos go to The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah, according to the Telegraph.

During Monday’s segment of the late night show, Noah explored the chatter on social media about Ivanka Trump’s perceived smitten contemplation picture as the handsome Head of State engages in conversation with her father and other members of roundtable session at the White House.

“She looks like she’s ready to risk it all. She looks like she’s considering dressing up as a Syrian refugee just so Canada will take her in, like, ‘Let me in, Justin!’”

Ivanka was part of a talk that centered on empowering and embracing women in the workplace. Reportedly, Ivanka Trump was instrumental in planning the event, which included invitations and talking points for the discussion.

Justin Trudeau is a proponent of women’s rights and spearheading programs to provide equitable treatment among the sexes. As part of the Prime Minister’s visit to Washington, he and the new President entered into an agreement to form a joint coalition to address issues pertaining to “working women” (e.g. maternity leave and care for children).

All this is well and good for all parties involved. However, social media users rarely get the memo that requires adherence to decorum. Rather than celebrate the formation of the joint task force, social media users took advantage of Ivanka Trump’s photo with Justin Trudeau to create viral memes.

And it wasn’t all for naught. Several savvy users captioned the photos in whimsical ways that rival material from an SNL sketch; they were that good, as the twit pics show below.

The timing of the photos is significant; the Trumps — including Ivanka — could use some humor in their lives. From the moment Donald Trump took office, he faced a wall of resistance over divisive policies and rhetoric that spilled over from his contentious campaign against the Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton.

Since then, Ivanka’s father has been making waves and trying to make the case for him being a Washington outsider — one of the many mantras during his run for the Oval Office. Early on, Trump faced opposition from throngs of women and feminists from across the nation during the Women’s March on Washington.

Next, the new President came under fire reportedly not fully divesting from his business interests. He was also criticized for his “lovefest” relationship (per CNN) with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, his refugee and immigrant travel ban for seven majority Muslim countries and his failure to fully vet his cabinet picks.

The growing controversy has sparked calls for a Trump to be impeached. An online Trump-Pence impeachment petition, led by a group of law scholars, has nearly 1 million signatures.

Ivanka Trump has been what some call, a “casualty” of her father’s missteps as a candidate and now, President. A number of stores, including Nordstrom, have dropped all or part of her Ivanka brands of merchandise.

Some speculate that the move to boycott Ivanka’s “stuff,” as Kellyanne Conway quipped in an unsanctioned commercial that may prompt an ethics inquiry, led to her brand smoldering.

Ivanka Trump is married and she was not likely “checking out” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the memes suggest. But you can form your own judgment.

How would you caption the photos of Ivanka?

[Featured Image by Evan Vucci/AP Images]