WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe Hints At CM Punk WWE Return

It was only a few years ago that CM Punk was the biggest name in the WWE, a former indie wrestler who broke the glass ceiling and became the longest-reigning world champion of the modern era. Ten years before that happened, CM Punk and Samoa Joe had the best feud in Ring of Honor Wrestling history.

Now that Samoa Joe has finally made it to the WWE and dominated in his main roster debut, Joe spoke with Eyes on the Game and said that he called CM Punk when he learned he was moving up in the WWE. According to Samoa Joe, CM Punk responded by joking, “of course you did, now that I’m not there anymore.”

Of course, CM Punk left the WWE on very bad terms. Four years ago in the Royal Rumble, CM Punk was in the Rumble match and fans seemed confused when he spent a lot of time resting in a corner and not doing much of anything. That is the Royal Rumble match that Batista won, something that the fans and CM Punk himself thought should have gone to Daniel Bryan.

At the time, Triple H had suggested that he wrestle CM Punk at WrestleMania. Despite a match with Triple H seeming like a quality main event caliber match, Punk wanted nothing to do with it and walked out of the WWE after the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk never looked back. In interviews, CM Punk grows agitated and angry with anyone who wants to ask about the WWE. He says he won’t go back and doesn’t miss professional wrestling at all. He made his UFC debut last year and was destroyed in his only match there.

WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe Hints At CM Punk WWE Return

CM Punk is now saying he is training for another MMA fight. However, UFC President Dana White said that it probably won’t be in the UFC after the embarrassment of the lopsided loss his last time out.

Meanwhile, Samoa Joe has made his WWE main roster debut and has been unstoppable. In his first appearance, Samoa Joe attacked and beat down Seth Rollins as a favor to Triple H. The next week, Stephanie McMahon signed Samoa Joe to Monday Night Raw and in his first match, he beat Roman Reigns.

This week on Monday Night Raw, Samoa Joe conducted a sit-down interview with Michael Cole and just knocked it out of the park. The interview was one of the best in the WWE in a long time and Samoa Joe is destined to be a huge star in the company.

WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe Hints At CM Punk WWE Return

With guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, and Kevin Owens seeing great success in the WWE as champions — all three former Ring of Honor wrestlers — it brings back memories of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Those two men really broke open the door for TNA and ROH wrestlers to get a chance.


According to Samoa Joe, there is also always a chance that he and CM Punk could rekindle their Ring of Honor rivalry in a WWE ring. While no one really believes that CM Punk will ever return to the WWE, Samoa Joe remains slightly more optimistic.

“It’s funny, the thing about wrestling is that nothing is ever impossible, so you never know. You might see us united back in the ring someday. We’ll see”

Samoa Joe looks to be heading into Fastlane, his first WWE pay-per-view, with a match against Sami Zayn. There will also be a huge place for Samoa Joe at WrestleMania in some fashion. Now, fans can start to dream and fantasy-book a CM Punk WWE return as well thanks to the seeds planted by Samoa Joe.

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