Mexico Wedding Shooting: Four Dead After Gunmen Open Fire At Wedding In Salvador Escalante

Authorities in western Mexico say at least four people were shot to death when a pair of gunmen burst into a wedding party in the town of Salvador Escalante and opened fire.

According to Mexico’s state attorney general Placido Torres, the two shooters, identified by witnesses as the sons of a local police chief, burst into the wedding party in the village of Cungo late Monday just as guests were cutting the cake.

“They repeatedly shot a man who was sitting at a table but then the assailants inexplicably shot at the other guests before fleeing,” Torres is quoted as saying by NDTV.

Fox News Latino reports one person died at the party and another died en route to the hospital. As ambulance workers began caring for the wounded, the gunmen reportedly returned and executed two more of the wedding guests. They later shot up the police station.

After the shooting, a group of 50 local residents organized a lynch mob and showed up outside the police chief’s home seeking revenge, but federal police and soldiers intervened.

On Tuesday morning, federal officers arrested the sons of Salvador Escalante’s police chief — whose name was withheld — for their alleged role in the killings.

The government secretary of Michoacan state, Jesus Reyna, told reporters there is no sign the killings were the work of organized crime.