Chrissy Teigen Bares It All For Legend With Nipple Tassels While Lip Syncing

Chrissy Teigen gave her husband John Legend, as well as the rest of her fans, a Valentine’s treat in a video in which she lip syncs one of Legend’s songs in revealing outfits.

Teigen showed her husband just how much she loves him in the video which featured her lip syncing. The Valentine’s video features the 31-year-old seemingly singing along to her husband’s song, “Ordinary People,” while posing in different skimpy outfits. It kicks off with Chrissy seated on the floor while topless though she had nipple tassels to cover her breasts. She also had a red fur coat covering her up and even slightly hiding her pink knickers.

Teigen serenading her hubby

Chrissy’s video also features her lip syncing to her husband John in a very seductive manner. He also seemed quite entertained and could barely keep his eyes off her. The 37-year-old appeared in the video all smiles numerous times and was very supportive of his beautiful wife. He was probably very impressed at how easily she pulled off the lip sync because she made it look effortless.

Chrissy Teigen bares all with just nipple tassels for John Legend

“I LOVE ‘Ordinary People’ so much, so when [Love Editor-in-Chief] Katie [Grand] asked me to shoot Chrissy for Valentine’s, the idea of her doing a lip-sync version immediately jumped into my head,” Rankin, who directed the video, stated.

Teigen’s skimpy outfits for the shoot

Teigen, who also happens to be a model by profession, also seemed to be switching up her style in the video. She also wore fishnet stockings and changed up her red fur coat for a pink one in a different part of the clip. The video was part of a shoot that the couple did for Love magazine. It was quite a romantic piece, especially for Valentine’s Day. The clip was recorded and directed by Rankin and it featured Chrissy in a number of lingerie pieces from different designers including Marc Jacobs.

“Rankin had pitched karaoke of Chrissy singing John Legend and I was scared she wouldn’t want to do that, and I pitched Marilyn, which Rankin was into, but then she turned up and didn’t want to sing Marilyn, but she wanted to get John Legend over and sing to him,” stated Katie Grand, the editor-in-chief of Love magazine.

There were also a series of photos to accompany the video and they were just as tasteful. One of the snaps showcases the mother of one putting her tongue in her husband’s ear and Legend had a huge smile on his face as if she had just delivered a juicy secret. Teigen wore the pink fur coat and the polka dotted skimpy outfit in this particular photo. She appeared alone in another snap though maintaining the sex appeal thanks to barely-there yellow lingerie. Her breasts almost popped out as she struck a pose while kneeling down.

Chrissy Teigen bares all with just nipple tassels for John Legend

Another snap showcased the beautiful model covering her mid-section with the red fur coat leaving her top part exposed. However, she had red nipple tassels censoring her chest. Plus her long blonde locks flowed over her chest, providing more cover. A third photo shows the model seated on the floor while clad in the colorful pink fur coat and the fishnet stockings. She also rocked a pair of maroon-colored boots and was licking a huge lollipop.

Teigen appeared in another instance while striking a pose holding a white electric guitar while her arms were dressed in purple-blue almost all the way to her shoulders. However, the photos were not as exciting as the video of Teigen lip syncing her husband’s song.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]