NFL Rumors: Tony Romo Trade for J.J. Watt On Horizon, Or Watt For Gronk Coming?

Is J.J. Watt on the trading block? Could the stud defensive end be heading to New England for Rob Gronkowski, or to of all places, right down the Lone Star street to Dallas for Tony Romo?

The NFL trade rumors that appear on a daily basis sometimes seem so far-fetched that NFL fans must wonder how they could ever have a stitch of truth to them. Well, that's why they are called rumors. However, keep this in mind, no matter how crazy a trade may seem, usually if it has been brought up in some capacity, there may be a bit more to it than just a rumor. Where there's smoke, there may be a bit of fire.

Could the Patriots and Texans make a deal that would swap two big-named pro bowl players, or could the state of Texas do an in-house trade that could (on paper) instantly help each team's chance to reach the Super Bowl and improve greatly?

CBS Sports indicates that trading Watt may not be a bad idea for the Texans, and their points are valid.

First and foremost, Houston has the talent on defense to carry the entire team, which they displayed during the 2016 season - without Watt. The former Wisconsin Badger was sidelined for 13 games of the regular season following back surgery for a herniated disc, yet the Texans were one of the best defensive units in the NFL.

Ironically, the Texans' defense improved without Watt in the lineup, mainly due to Jadeveon Clowney being healthy for the first time in what seems like forever. Clowney started living up to the potential that made him the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, and soon the Texans will have to start thinking about sewing up a nice deal for Clowney, another reason they may consider dealing Watt.

Jadeveon Clowney
Jadeveon Clowney is coming into his own for the Texans. [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]

The Texans' problem in 2016 was the offense, which was practically non-existent.

Brock Osweiler, the Texans big splash quarterback signing during the offseason, proved to be a bust, and now Houston may be trying to find a way to cut their losses and deal Osweiler away - possibly in a package deal with Watt or in a three-team swap.

With the Texans trying to reload the offense, why not trade Watt for Tony Romo?

Houston gets a veteran quarterback who is a proven winner, Dallas adds a much needed pass rusher, and neither team loses out on the financial side. Trades in the NFL that send a one star player for another are rare, but in this case it may be a wise swap, and improve both teams at the same time.

If not an all Texas trade, how about Watt for Rob Gronkowski?

Before you laugh that one off, this trade could actually benefit both teams as well. Last season, Gronkowski was reportedly unhappy with the six-year, $54 million extension he signed back in 2012. Even though the deal made him the NFL's highest-paid tight end by average yearly salary, Gronk was still seemingly not pleased.

Rob Gronkowski rumors
Could Rob Gronkowski be traded this offseason? [Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]

Here is where both teams could make this deal and still be in good shape. Gronkowski still has three years left on his deal with New England worth $24 million. However, Gronkowski is only scheduled to make $5 million in 2017, which would make this trade an almost even swap financially. The Texans would only be losing about $500,000 cap-wise if the trade went through.

Add to that, New England could easily handle Watt's contract. With all the deals the Patriots have made over the past two seasons, they will be heading into 2017 with over $60 million in cap room. That almost seems unfair, doesn't it?

Before you dismiss these possibilities as something that could never happen, just remember, Shaquille O'Neal, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Bautista, Randy Moss, Ken Griffey Jr. and Miguel Cabrera were all thought as untouchable at one time during their careers - and they all were traded, and some more than once.

[Featured Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]