Amanda Bynes’ Former Co-Star: Get A Chauffer

Amanda Bynes may quite possibly be one of the worst drivers in the United States and now her former What I Like About You co-star Wesley Jonathan is speaking out against her attempts to operate a potentially deadly vehicle.

Jonathan was spotted in Los Angeles by TMZ yesterday and when asked if he had any advice for Bynes he gave a simple answer:

“The only thing I would say to her is ‘You got enough money. Get a chauffeur to take you everywhere.'”

Jonathan also admits that he tried to get in touch with Bynes but has yet to receive a call back, a similar story to what another former co-star, Jennie Garth, has been telling reports for the last week.

The former What I Like About You star seems ready to take Amanda Bynes’ side:

“Everybody makes mistakes. We’re all human.”

It would be interesting to get Jonathan’s take on the state of Amanda Bynes’ mind during filming on the show. Rumors following her first couple police encounters claimed that Bynes was unhinged. One source said Bynes would argue with herself on the treadmills at her gym, often answering her own questions.

With parents moving half way across the country to support their daughter, co-workers speaking out with concern and police reports filed all over the place we have to ask, who’s worse Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan?