Jana Duggar And Joy-Anna Duggar Featured On Family Facebook For Valentine’s Day

Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar are the two most eligible bachelorettes in the family so it’s no surprise that they got a good amount of spotlight this Valentine’s Day. The two Duggar girls provided the extra support needed to get the family’s Valentine’s Day bash going and it looks like Jana even had a little surprise waiting for her!

Many eyes are on Jana Duggar this year as they await courtship rumors coming from her end. She is the eldest unmarried Duggar daughter. Even after Jill, Jessa, and now Jinger got married off, she has not even announced a single courtship.

So it was only natural that her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, wanted to show her off on the family Facebook page on Valentine’s Day. Check out a sweet portrait of Jana!

The family of 19 decided to celebrate the popular Hallmark holiday with a little “twist” of their own.

“Here’s a sweet twist on Valentine’s Day! We are having a family-wide party celebrating love,” they wrote on Facebook. “God’s love and our love for one another. Our theme is “We love because He first loved us!””

In fact, this picture has become the center of courtship rumors. Though vague, in this photo, Jana is seen taking a little envelope out of the bouquet, suggesting that she may have a not-so-secret admirer on her hands.

“Is she opening an envelope?” One fan wrote in the comments section below. “That’s what people are speculating and saying they are from somebody.”

“I hope this is from a suitor that will get her out of there!!!!!!!” an enthusiastic commenter wrote. “She needs her own life!!!!”

The family has not confirmed or denied these rumors and some of the observers noted that she actually may be putting together the bouquet and the envelope for the family, instead of taking it out to receive a message.

In the same Valentine’s Day album, Joy-Anna was also included multiple times lending a hand in the setup. Check out the 19-year-old Duggar giving support to her family.

While Jana is known as the baker of the house, this time, Joy-Anna took charge in decorating the cupcakes to fit the mood of Valentine’s Day.

Joy-Anna may be only 19 years old, but she announced her courtship to Austin Forsyth this past November, leaving her older sister Jana as still the oldest female Duggar without a committed partner on her hands.

The fans realized just how serious Joy-Anna and Austin’s courtship is when the Season 3 of Jill & Jessa: Counting On promotions hit the fan. Many of the pictures also included Austin, hinting that he is basically part of the family now.

Check out Austin beaming next to Joy-Anna in the promotional photo below!

And so far, it looks like their relationship is off to an excellent start.

“We’ve gotten to experience so much already in our relationship,” she said in the latest issue of People Magazine. “Lots of church ministries, road trips, hiking, hunting and remodeling houses together.”

“Watching my sisters go through that with their courtships sets a really good example,” she continued. “I was able to ask them just a lot of questions and wisdom about what they did and didn’t do and then just making it special. Showing him how much I appreciate him, it’s been amazing.”

Joy-Anna’s relationship is different from Jill’s, Jessa’s, or Jinger’s because she has known her future husband for 15 years now. They first met when his family moved to Arkansas and began attending the same church that the Duggars attended.

“It’s really special that I got to grow up with him and my family knows him really well,” she said.

Do you think Jana will wait until Joy-Anna is married to announce a relationship of her own? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]