Diana Bunch Pictures: ‘My 600-LB Life’ Star Goes On Drastic Weight-Loss Journey

Diana Bunch shared her weight-loss story on TLC’s My 600-LB Life this week, and fans hope to see weight loss pictures that show a step back from the edge and one of the most extreme cases ever featured on the show.

The 55-year-old featured on Wednesday’s show had been consumed by an eating disorder so severe that her fluid retention led to dangerous blisters and sores, which Monsters and Critics noted was one of the worst cases ever on the TLC reality show.

It also led to some harrowing moments in Wednesday’s episode, the report added.

“Her lower limbs are covered in blisters, rashes and open sores. On top of that, her transport in this week’s episode from Washington state to Texas in the back of a van driven by her sister proves to be one of the most harrowing moments of her life.

“In the footage we see her express fears and doubts as she makes the uncomfortable trip in the hope of undergoing gastric surgery once she gets to Texas.

‘Then on the way she must contend with the public embarrassment of needing seven firefighters to hoist her large frame out of the van and into a hotel bed.”

Diana Bunch was the victim of an eating disorder that spiraled out of control in her small Seattle apartment. Bunch reportedly ate fast food and sugary foods until her weight was beyond her control and her health failing. It got so bad that Bunch was unable to even walk to get herself to the van for transport to meet with weight-loss specialist Dr. Younan Nowzaradan in Houston, TVRuckus noted.

“I didn’t realize how basically handicapped I am,” Diana Bunch said as video showed a team of EMS workers putting her onto a gurney that wheeled her into her hotel room. The team returned the next morning to get her into the van again for her visit with the weight-loss specialist.

In the episode, Diana Bunch embarked on what would be a dramatic weight-loss plan, hoping to replicate the success of other My 600-LB Life stars who used weight-loss surgery to kick off their journey back to health.

The episode sent many people to the internet to search out pictures of Diana Bunch, but unlike many past episodes of My 600-LB Life, there wasn’t much evidence of how she’s done so far. Because TLC films the episode months in advance, viewers can often get a preview of what the person looks like after their treatment has begun and the weight started coming off.

There weren’t many pictures available showing Diana Bunch and the weight loss she may have found on the show — but that may soon change. TLC often provides updates on its page for the show.

And because Diana’s case was so severe — with some of the most drastic water retention and swelling ever featured on the show — it’s likely that her weight-loss journey and road to recovery could be longer than most. However, her willingness to step outside of her small Seattle apartment and make the painful trip to Houston to see Dr. Younan Nowzaradan signaled a step in the right direction.

Diana’s case follows one of the most dramatic of the year, featuring Erica Wall who gained weight after a difficult childhood that included being gang-raped as a teenager.

Video from this week’s episode including pictures of Diana Bunch can be seen on the My 600-LB Life page at TLC.

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