Shannen Doherty Calls Cops After Twitter Fan Threatens Suicide

Actress Shannen Doherty calls the cops after a Twitter fans threatens to commit suicide, according to Fox News.

After the potentially disturbed fan posted several comments which alluded to suicide on the micro-blogging website, the former 90210 and Charmed star called authorities in order to track the person down. Doherty reportedly worked with police as they attempted to locate the unstable fan.

TMZ reports that the actress placed a call to the Westampton Township Police Department after several messages were discovered threatening suicide if Doherty didn’t contact her as soon as humanly possible. Fearing the worst, Doherty decided to lend a helping hand.

Shannen reportedly asked the 27-year-old fan to cough up her address so she could make contact. However, upon receiving the information, Doherty instead passed it to area police. Officers were soon dispatched to the location.

The Twitter user who threatened to end her life if she didn’t talk to Shannen Doherty told police that she had no intention of harming herself. She also refused medical attention. It’s being reported that, while the lady was in possession of a firearm, authorities had no reason to believe her threats were real.

Satisfied that the woman wasn’t plotting to harm herself, officers left the Twitter user in the care of her family.

“Thank you to the Westampton police department for being diligent and so reassuring,” the actress wrote on Twitter following the incident.

When she isn’t helping potentially suicidal fans on Twitter, Doherty still finds time to do some acting. In 2010, the actress starred in the controversial anthology Burning Palms with Jamie Chung and Dylan McDermott.

Doherty recently starred as Gretl in director Mario Azzopardi’s made for television adventure movie Witchslayer Gretl. The film debuted on SyFy earlier this year.

Are a fan of Shannen Doherty? What do you think should happen to people who threaten suicide for attention on Twitter?