Child Sex Doll Court Case: Kiddy Porn The Future Of The Porn Business?

A court case going on right now in Newfoundland that involves a sex doll specifically modeled after a child raises a fascinating moral debate. It has, in the words of a report by CBC News, opened a "Pandora's Box" of questions involving child sex and kiddy porn, and the answer will affect the future of pornography in a big way.

The case, which is being brought against a Canadian man who ordered a child sex doll from Japan four years ago, centers around one thought-provoking question: does the doll fall under the category of child porn that should not be allowed?

Child Sex Doll Child Pornography Court Case
The Japanese market is sort of a mecca for this kind of thing. [Image by Taro Karibe/Getty Images]

Some are adamant in the belief that yes, the doll is disgusting and perverted, and it definitely falls into the realm of illegal child porn. Others, however, think that dolls like the one in the case, revolting as they may be, could actually be very beneficial to society. Not only that, but twisted artifacts conceptually similar to the child sex doll could make the world a better place.

In the camp utterly disparaging the doll fall the traditionalists, those who believe child pornography is wrong because just the ideas it conveys should not be allowed. Local police superintendent Bill Malone, who has had to deal with a lot of child pornography in his 26-year career as a law enforcement official and therefore has some experience with the stuff, is one such traditionalist. He says the doll is a clear violation of the law and an even clearer example of child pornography.

"When I look at the descriptions of the doll in the paper, in the newspapers, and how it is described and what it's for, and those sorts of things, I am of the opinion, and I'm sure I always will be, that it is child pornography," Malone told the press.

Child Sex Doll Child Pornography Court Case
[Image by Thorn]

Some people argue, however, that what makes child porn so horrible is not the idea, but the impact on the victim. Sure, the idea may be depraved, but there aren't and should not be laws against sick ideas. Sick actions are what need to be legislated against, this group believes, and the doll has nothing to do with a child porn victim. Clinical psychologist Dr. James Cantor elaborates.

"Actual child pornography is evidence itself of a crime being committed. But that's not the case with a child sex doll," Cantor mused.

"There is no actual person. It is a piece of latex. So if there is no victim, where is there, exactly, a harm being committed?"
Even 51-year-old Kenneth Harrison, the man who bought the doll, says he sees no correlation between his actions and that of a pedophile.

"I do not condone child abuse in any way, shape or form. Any child abuse should be reported immediately to the proper authorities," the accused told the court.

Some people may agree with Harrison that his actions are not criminal, but they are by no means disagreeing that Harrison is a gross sexual deviant. Forensic psychologist Dr. Peter Collins wrote as much in a report he presented to the court concerning the child sex doll.

"If [Harrisson] ordered a sex doll... he likely has an erotic attraction to prepubescent children," Collins wrote. "Clinically, the majority of these men meet the criteria for the diagnosis of pedophilia."

At least the victim was just a glorified hunk of latex, though.

And that raises the question of whether the sex doll was, in fact, saving an actual child from being the subject of child pornography or even being sexually molested. Does the fact that a child sex doll allows a man who has pedophile-like thoughts to get out his strange urges without victimizing anyone make it a crime prevention tool?

And if child sex dolls actually help prevent real sex abuse, what about VR child porn? Eventually, VR technology will get to a point where it can present any recorded figure the wearer desires as the star of a porno; should it be okay to request a minor be projected in? The idea might give some the heebie-jeebies, but could it prevent crime?

Child Sex Doll Child Pornography Court Case
VR porn is an inevitability, and it would be smart to prepare for the issues it might cause. [Image by HstrongART/iStock]

The child sex doll court case is still ongoing and the actual trial begins on Wednesday, according to The Independent.

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