'Southern Charm' Stars, What Are Their Real Ages?

CORRECTION: Patricia Altschul will be 76 in April, not 75.

In the entertainment industry, it's not unusual for people to fib a bit about their ages, and the Bravo show Southern Charm has made a big deal about the male leads being "Peter Pans" and only dating college-aged women. But how old are the members of the Southern Charm cast? A lot has been made especially over the difference in age of former couple Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis, but what is their real age difference?

At the time that Southern Charm's Whitney Sudler-Smith, along with his partner and fellow executive producer, Bryan Kestner put together a pitch to do a show called Southern Gentlemen, the ages of the "Gentlemen" were fudged, says the Inquisitr. However, Bravo wasn't interested in a series of entitled men on the prowl for younger women, as the Bravo demographic is a larger percentage of females, 18-45. So Bravo suggested that they add some women in that are on equal footing, and it became Southern Charm.

Ironically, the myth that it's women who hide their age does not prove to be true when it comes to the cast of Southern Charm, because the women of Southern Charm have been very forthcoming when it comes to their ages, according to OK! Here's the Situation. Landon Clements, now going into her third year on the Bravo show, will be turning 35 by the time season four of Southern Charm launches.


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Landon was born in Georgia, and her birth name is Ansley Landon Clements. She attended the College of Charleston, and is divorced from James Maby (Stacey Dash of Clueless is his other ex-wife), and has no children of her own.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, ten years Landon's junior, who turned 25 in August, and is a South Carolina native. Dennis' family name and legacy are noteworthy, as she has quite a few ancestors with ties to South Carolina and American history.

"She's [Kathryn] the granddaughter of long-time State Senator Rembert C. Dennis (known for opening a session of Congress with his uncanny turkey mating call) and a direct descendant of John C. Calhoun, Vice President of the United States under John Adams and Andrew Jackson and possessor of one of the most eccentric haircuts in American history."

Cameran Eubanks will be shown celebrating her 33rd birthday on season four of Southern Charm, says Reality Tea. The entire cast took a trip down to Key West to celebrate Cameran's big day. Cast member Shep Rose posted a photo of the event on Instagram.

"In Key West for Cameran's birthday. Want to know how she stays so youthful and exuberant? Beta Carotene! She loves carrots. She is like a rabbit. Thanks to @hookandtackle for hooking me and @krollthewarriorking up with sick fish shirts. #hogfish #bluemarlin #camwest"

The State confirms that Thomas Ravenel will turn 55 this year, and that means his AARP card will be coming in the mail. Other than Patricia Altschul, who turns 75 in April, Thomas is the old man, or patriarch of the Southern Charm cast. Ravenel is also a South Carolina native, who was formerly a state treasurer before he resigned after a cocaine arrest. Ravenel attempted to make a comeback, running again for office, and being candid about his past, and the way he conducts himself.

"That's how Thomas Ravenel rolls."

But while Shep Rose and Craig Conover, 36-years-old and 28-years-old, respectively, have been consistent about their ages, when Whitney Sudler-Smith (born Whitney Smith) initially pitched the show to Bravo, he shaved a few years off his age. Whitney will turn 49 this year, but when the show was pitched in 2012, he claimed to be 38.

Are you surprised about any of the ages of the Southern Charm stars? Are you looking forward to seeing Cameran's birthday celebration in Key West?

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