Plane Crashes In Neighborhood In Jackson, Mississippi

A plane crashes in a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, in a scene that witnesses say was like a bomb going off.

As The Associated Press reported, authorities said the plane crashed into a home in a Jackson neighborhood. The crash, which occurred near an airport, caused the home to catch on fire. A Jackson deputy fire chief said that one person escaped a burning home with minor injuries.

Before crashing into the neighborhood, the plane had departed from Hawkins Field Airport en route to Raymond, Mississippi.

Witnesses said they was large flames and black smoke rising 50 feet from a burning house after the plane crashes into the neighborhood.

“I heard a sound like it ran out of gas, and it was right over my house. All of a sudden, it just started descending, about four houses away from me, and it got real low almost at the top of the trees, then it fell into a house,” witness Bill Hankins told the Clarion Ledger.

“It was a blast of fire and smoke. There were police cars all in front of my house, and there were so many fire trucks out there. It sounded just like a bomb went off, it descended so fast,” Hankins said. “It came down so low, I knew he couldn’t make it (back to Hawkins Field) as he was so low over the trees. It wasn’t even dark.”

According the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane that crashes into a neighborhood was a Piper PA-32 single engine plane registered to a company based out of Flowood, Mississippi. There was no word about the condition of those on the plane.