Brooke Burke-Charvet Updates Fans On Condition Ahead Of Surgery

Model and TV host Brooke Burke-Charvet dropped a major bomb on the public last week when she revealed that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. In the days since the announcement, fans have expressed their love and support for Burke, causing her to update her fanbase on how she’s doing ahead of her surgery.

On her ModernMom website, the 41-year-old Dancing with the Stars co-host said that she has been deeply moved by the “gazillion texts and e-mails” in support since posting a video online last Thursday announcing her cancer diagnosis. “It means the world to me and I feel so lucky in life and love to have so many positive people around me,” she said.

Burke-Charvet said that the widespread media coverage of her announcement left her “scared” and that she could “only imagine the impact” it had on some in the public.

“I want to assure everyone that my condition is manageable and I am taking all the proper steps. I never thought I would be applauded by my courage to share the news in a home video,” she said.

Burke-Charvet added:

“Truth is, I was pretty scared about what the response would be. But I want you all to know that I feel great, my condition is manageable, and I am planning on a speedy recovery.”

She also said that she would be keeping fans updated on her recovery, and currently feels well enough to resume hosting duties.

“I’m at work today getting ready for tonight’s live Dancing with the Stars show. I can feel all the love and support that has come from far and wide which makes me feel fantastic. No worries….see you tonight!”

IQ wishes Brooke Burke-Charvet a speedy recovery!