‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: War Begins In The Hospital [Spoilers]

Just as Grey’s Anatomy fans thought they could move on from Alex’s potential prison time storyline, a war has started in the hospital. Last week saw Meredith suspended, as Eliza Minnick and Miranda Bailey continue to make more enemies. This week’s trailer hints that sides are being chosen, as April defends her decision to accept a promotion.

At the end of last week, fans learned that Bailey was replacing Meredith Grey as Chief of General Surgery. She was getting April Kepner on side, despite April’s initial stand against Minnick for Richard Webber. Bailey made it clear to Minnick that she had suspended Meredith to make a point, but it is just going to make Minnick’s job harder. How can she win the attendings’ favor when one of their favorite doctors is out of the hospital?

April struggles to assert herself as the Chief of General Surgery, according to the latest Grey’s Anatomy trailer from ABC. She’s viewed as a traitor for taking the new position, after weeks of supporting Webber and pushing against Minnick. While she uses the defense that it was her job on the line, others around her aren’t impressed with her decisions.

Grey’s Anatomy fans aren’t happy either. After a few seasons of seeing a stronger character, April has gone back to being a spineless woman just after Meredith’s life. When she was first introduced, she flirted with Derek Shepherd and wanted everything that Meredith ever had. Even in the “what if” storyline, fans saw her go after everything that Meredith had.

Now she has Meredith’s job, but that doesn’t mean she will have the support or the respect. The last time she was in charge as Chief Resident, she struggled to gain the respect of those around her. Now she will find it even harder when a number of those she will need to delegate to are on the board and share owners of the hospital, including the likes of Jackson Avery (board member), Arizona Robbins (share owner and board member), Richard Webber (partial share owner and board member), and Alex Karev (share owner).

It’s unclear just how they can all move on from this point. Someone will have to lose out, and that will either be Eliza Minnick, April Kepner, Richard Webber, or Miranda Bailey. Minnick seems to think that everything will work itself out if she’s given the chance to work her magic ways, but she’s never gone up against a set of stubborn doctors like the attendings at Grey Sloan Memorial. Maybe she didn’t get the message that this was the team of doctors who quit at the last minute in a Hail Mary attempt to save their beloved hospital.

Some Grey’s Anatomy fans are willing to give April a chance in her new position. They view this as temporary, the way that Derek stepped in for Webber when he was suspended for drinking. It could be that April wants to fight against Bailey from a position of power. However, many fans view her as selfish and a traitor, just looking to protect her own skin.

Many fans want to see Minnick gone and Bailey step down as chief. Bailey has gone from a powerful character to someone who is power-crazed and Catherine Avery’s puppet. Fans want to see Owen or Webber back in the position. Could this be a storyline that will see someone else get the difficult position of chief? Will Bailey be ousted by her surgeons?

As for Minnick, will she be able to win the attendings – and the fans – over as she has with the residents? Will teaching change to her method before the end of Season 13? E! Online just wants to see it all come to an end so everyone can move on on Grey’s Anatomy Season 13.

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