Antoinette Chase: 'Murder Calls'--Sinister Minister Spencer Strangled Wife Dead

The murder of Antoinette Chase will be profiled on another crime television documentary. Investigation Discovery's Murder Calls, a show that builds a crime story around the 911 call that was made upon discovering the body, will profile the story. Antoinette Chase, an analyst for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, was found dead in her home by her husband, Spencer Chase. Spencer, a well-known minister, later confessed to killing her. The Murder Calls episode chronicling the Antoinette Chase murder is called "Hanging By A Thread."

On the next episode of Murder Calls, Spencer Chase returns home to find the body of his wife of 20 years as she lies unresponsive. In an attempt to save her life, he contacts 911. But when investigators arrive, it looks like it's already too late for Antoinette.

Upper Marlboro Murder

Antoinette Renee Chase was found in her home in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, in 2008. The successful border patrol analyst didn't appear to be breathing. Her husband Spencer told investigators that he found his wife in an unresponsive state after returning to his home. Just hours before, he had seen his wife alive as she was preparing to leave the home.

According to Spencer Chase, he knew that something was deadly wrong after he noticed that Antoinette's car was still turned on and running. Antoinette Chase was transported to the local hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

An examination of the body concluded that she had been strangled to death with an extension cord. This was definitely a homicide, and detectives needed to find out who had done it.

The most likely answer could be found with Spencer, who had been married to Antoinette for 20 years. They had known each other for longer and had become reacquainted again after 10 years. It seemed like a marriage made in heaven at first.

A Love Gone Wrong The Second Time Around

Spencer Chase really seemed to love her. But as time progressed, their goals were entirely different. While Antoinette Chase focused on building an impressive career for herself, Spencer Chase seemed to have no real desire to be successful in his line of work. His low paying jobs were hardly able to keep up with their lifestyle.

Spencer loved money. He loved flashing it, and he loved spending it. But most of the money belonged to Antoinette. After Antoinette learned that they were in deep financial difficulty due to Spencer's lavish spending, she decided to leave him.

Authorities say that they were in the process of separating before Antoinette Chase was murdered. Detectives theorized that while Antoinette was preparing to leave for work, Spencer sneaked up behind her and strangled her to death with a cord. Then he spent the rest of the morning covering his tracks to make it look as if he happened upon her body.

Medical examiners say that it looked like Antoinette Chase had fought for her life. It was apparent that she had tried with all of her might to get the cord from around her neck.

The murder was up close and personal. Spencer Chase watched his wife as she struggled to live. It's a heinous crime. After 20 years of marriage, Antoinette would have never anticipated that Spencer would be capable of killing her in that manner.

In the courtroom, Spencer Chase made the following statement, according to NBC Washington.

"I stand here today a guilty man -- guilty of taking a life of someone I pledged to love and protect."
According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 20 people per minute are abused by their intimate partner. Those are staggering statistics, indicating that more needs to be done to protect families.

State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey made the following statement during Spencer Chase's trial, as found at LegalInfo.

"Violence in the home can be a silent killer. The community needs to speak up and speak out on brutality on the home front."
Spencer Chase was eventually found guilty and given a life sentence. He is serving his time in a Maryland correctional facility.

Listen in on the frantic 911 call tonight on Murder Calls. It airs at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery. Also find out what really broke the case here.

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