Abraham Lincoln: A Professional Wrestler? Expert Claims So

Good ole Abraham Lincoln has been getting huge press this year. First, the 2012 film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, hit theaters. Next up is Lincoln, a biopic on the president starring Daniel Day-Lewis is receiving some heavy box office buzz, and now its been uncovered that the real Lincoln might have been one of the best wrestler’s of his generation. He didn’t even need to rip into a slim Jim for that one!

According to Lincoln expert Ronald C. White Jr, the sixteenth president was indeed one of the finest professional wrestlers of his time. White shared the new with WWE Classics, saying, “Lincoln definitely wrestled.” The expert continued to explain, saying that the rumor of Lincoln being a wrestler is, “not mythology.” and that, “Lincoln definitely wrestled.”

White, who is also the author of the book A. Lincoln: A Biography further elaborated to WWE Classics about Lincoln’s history and background, saying, “We know he was 6-foot, 4-inches. And if you know how small people were in the 19th century, today it would be like somebody 6-foot-10 walking into the room.”

It looks like Lincoln was The Undertaker’s predecessor, towering over most people at 6’4, making quite the presence in the wrestling world, apparently. According to White, Lincoln was so amazing as a wrestler, that his general store employer, Denton Offutt, was convinced that he could manhandle anyone. A man by the name of Jack Armstrong, who was also considered a force to be reckoned with got wind of Lincoln’s abilities and challenged the president to a match. “It may not have been publicized with posters,” White said. “But it was publicized by word of mouth 24 to 48 hours in advance of when the match actually took place. Word spread quickly and a lot of people came to watch this match between the champion [Armstrong], who was a few years older than Lincoln, and this new young fellow.”

Would you have watched honest Abe wrestle in his hay day?