‘The Bachelor’ Week 7 Spoilers: Two Girls Leave Before Rose Ceremony In Bahamas

The Bachelor Nick Viall is one month away from revealing his final pick, and during Monday night’s episode (Week 7, February 13) he will stir up more controversy when he eliminates two frontrunners one week before hometown dates.

Nick and his remaining six girls travel from St. Thomas to the Bahamas and getting a rose is more important than ever this week. ABC’s preview shows this season’s villain, Corinne Olympios, heading to Nick’s hotel room in an attempt to secure a hometown date but Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, Kristina, and Danielle M. will go the more traditional route and try to spend as much time with the Bachelor as possible during the group date or one-on-one dates.

Who goes on dates this week, does Corinne have sex with Nick in his hotel room, and which two girls will leave the Bahamas with a broken heart? Find spoilers for Monday night’s episode below but don’t let that stop you from watching what will prove to be one of the most talked-about episodes of the season, due in part to Nick’s questionable decisions.

Warning — The Bachelor Season 24 Episode 7 spoilers ahead!

Before the Week 7 dates get underway, fans will see the conclusion of last week’s episode. According to ABC, Nick walks away from the girls’ hotel room after questioning the validity of all of his relationships.

Although the girls are left wondering if he will end his journey to find love and while it’s obvious that he won’t quit mid-season, his tears will add to the drama. Moments later, he will dry his eyes and tell the girls to pack their bags for their next stop — the Bahamas. The change of scenery will instantly brighten everyone’s mood, at least until Nick starts sending girls home.

Nick will go on four dates on Episode 7 — three one-on-one dates and the last group date of the season. The remaining episodes will feature only one-on-one dates during Nick’s visit to four of the girls’ hometowns, the much-anticipated overnight dates in the Fantasy Suite, and the last dates on the season finale.

On Monday night, there are only four roses up for grabs. However, Nick won’t hand all of them out on his dates, and he will end up canceling the rose ceremony. Queue the dramatic music — here’s how it all plays out on Monday night.

Group Date: According to Reality Steve, three girls will swim with the sharks (and Nick) during the last group date of the season. Raven, Corinne, and Kristina will compete for time with the Bachelor and, if the spoilers are correct, Raven walks away with the group date rose.

Corinne isn’t happy that she didn’t get the rose during the group date so she comes up with her own plan and tries to convince Nick that she should stick around for another week. According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Corinne goes to Nick’s room with every intention of having sex with him, but her efforts may backfire. Will she still get a rose this week? Read on to find out more.

One-on-One Dates: Rachel, Vanessa, and Danielle M. all get to spend time alone with Nick in the Bahamas. It’s the second one-on-one of the season for all three girls, and they are hopeful that their dates will lead to a rose so they can introduce Nick to their families next week. Spoilers point to Vanessa and Rachel getting a rose, but Danielle M. will be sent home during her date. Reality Steve states that Danielle “took it very hard,” so fans can expect a very emotional exit.

After the dates are over, there are five girls left — Corinne, Vanessa, Rachel, Raven, and Kristina. Before they can prepare for the cocktail party and rose ceremony, Nick will stop by their hotel room to deliver some more bad news — he will cancel both the party and the rose ceremony and will have a conversation with Kristina that leads to her elimination.

Reality Steve is certain that Nick didn’t sleep with Corinne when she stopped by to seduce him but whatever transpired behind closed doors worked because Corinne scored a hometown date, something that may shock Bachelor Nation on Monday night.

Next week, the Bachelor will head to the hometowns of his final four girls (Vanessa, Raven, Rachel, and Corinne) where he will meet with their families and, later in the episode, decide which three girls will go to Finland for the Fantasy Suite dates.

Watch The Bachelor starring Nick Viall on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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