‘Whitest Kids U Know’ Movie Finally Confirmed, Internet Rejoices

After a very long wait, a full-length film installment for cult classic TV show The Whitest Kids U’ Know was announced yesterday by one of the cast members himself. Social media has been blowing up with the news, as the show was very popular with the online crowd.

Trevor Moore, the leader of the five-man comedy troupe that headline The Whitest Kids U’ Know, was the one to let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag regarding the upcoming movie, a project that was promised in 2012.

“Finished the WKUK movie script,” he announced via his Instagram yesterday.

“It’s OK,” he concluded nonchalantly, sampling a snippet of the self-deprecating humor The Whitest Kids U’ Know is known for (it’s known for a lot of different types of humor, but that’s one of the trademarks).

Accompanying the caption announcing the movie was a photo of three out of the five Whitest Kids U’ Know cast members: Trevor, Sam Brown, and Zach Cregger. They were the three to start the idea for the show in the first place, and, apparently, they are the three leading up the movement to create the movie.

The three are sitting next to each other on a couch, smiling at the camera. Their long facial hair makes it obvious a good amount of time has passed since The Whitest Kids U’ Know ended — it has been over half a decade. Other than that, though, they look pretty much the same.

Zach, sitting in back, is holding up a laptop with what looks like a movie script on its screen.

Finished the WKUK movie script. It's ok.

A photo posted by Trevor Moore (@itrevormoore) on

Social media, what with its affinity for snappy, shortform humor like that displayed in The Whitest Kids U’ Know, is all over the news, with the “movies” page on Reddit seeming particularly stoked. The 1000+ commenters on the thread have a variety of opinions on what the movie should be, from another chapter in “The Civil War On Drugs” to a (hopefully proposed ironically) two hour-long biopic of “Shoshon the Elegant.”

Not only that, but Moore said in a Q&A on his site way back in 2012 that a Whitest Kids U’ Know movie was underway, and the wait made people even happier about the announcement.

Unfortunately, there is no way to determine the plot of the Whitest Kids U’ Know movie. The show was an anthology series, rarely touching on the same characters or themes in multiple sketches, and each sketch was only a few minutes long at most – something along the lines of the immortal Monty Python’s Flying Circus. So how can that be stretched into an entire movie?

One possibility is another series of sketches. It would be an unusual structure for a feature film, but it would certainly give The Whitest Kids U’ Know an opportunity to experiment with a bigger budget and a longer production time than it could while it was on TV while maintaining the same winning formula.

Another possibility is that the movie will be about the show rather than serving as an extension of it. For example, it might follow how the members of the troupe met and how the idea for The Whitest Kids U’ Know formed (fun fact: according to Moore’s Reddit AMA, he was freestyle rapping on the subway when one of his friends told him he was the “whitest kid he knew”). This concept would probably give the members of The Whitest Kids U’ Know a chance to show off a wider array of acting chops than they could on the show.

If Trevor Moore himself gets to plot the movie, though, we’re in for a thrill ride, as evidenced by the sketch embedded below.

No release date for the movie is known yet, but the Inquisitr will keep you updated with new information as it comes.

However the cards fall, the movie will surely be pretty awesome as long as all parties involved remember to perform happily and with their mouths open.

Do you have any ideas on what the plot of the Whitest Kids U’ Know movie could be? Are you looking forward to it? Make yourself heard in the comments section below.

[Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]