Kandi Burruss Teases She’ll Hit Back At Phaedra Parks At ‘RHOA’ Reunion

Viewers can expect to see Kandi Burruss hitting back at former friend Phaedra Parks hard on the upcoming The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion show, at least if Kandi has her way. As the latest episode aired on Sunday night, Kandi teased on Twitter that when the cast films the reunion show, she’ll give Phaedra a piece of her mind for the part she played in spreading the rumor that she’s a lesbian.

The latest episode showed Marlo Hampton, during the group’s “glamping” trip organized by Phaedra, revealing, in front of everyone, that there has been talk that Kandi’s a lesbian. When Kandi and the others demanded to know who was saying such a thing, Sheree Whitfield pretty much outed Porsha Williams as the guilty person.

As shown in an episode that aired several weeks ago, it wasn’t just Porsha who insinuated that Kandi was a lesbian. It was actually Phaedra who told Sheree that Kandi was having sexual relations with Porsha’s friend, Shamea Morton. When Sheree asked Porsha if it was true, Porsha didn’t exactly deny it, but seemed to confirm what Phaedra said by saying that Kandi and Shamea were “real close.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when that episode aired, Kandi immediately denied that she ever had sexual relations with Shamea by tweeting that it was “BS.”

On Twitter, a viewer asked Kandi how she feels now that she knows that Phaedra also played a part in the lesbian rumor. Kandi replied that she’ll save her opinion for the reunion show. It seems that Kandi’s feelings about her former friend spreading such a rumor about her is so strong that Twitter just won’t do. Or perhaps Kandi is just doing her part to pump up excitement for the upcoming reunion show?

When another viewer asked Kandi why she retaliated against Porsha when it was Phaedra who said much worse about her, Kandi explained that at the time of the camping trip, she didn’t know that Phaedra said what she did. Kandi again promised that she’ll address Phaedra for what she did at the reunion show.

“I didn’t even know she said it until I saw that episode. It’ll be addressed at reunion.”

During the camping trip, after Marlo Hampton said that there has been talk that Kandi Burruss is a “lesbian in the closet,” and everyone, including Porsha Williams, demanded to know who said such a thing, Sheree Whitfield told Porsha, “Porsha, we were having a conversation.”


Porsha defended herself by basically saying that she couldn’t exactly recall what she said about Kandi and that everyone talks about everyone behind their backs. Yet Porsha did remember enough to say that she didn’t actually call Kandi a lesbian.

“So you’re saying that I was insinuating that she was a lesbian, but I didn’t say that she was a lesbian.”

All the while, Phaedra Parks, looking on uneasily, remained silent.

Kandi actually admitted that she has “taken a dip in the lady pond” but retaliated against Porsha by saying that she has never done “anything more” than what Porsha had done with women herself.

Porsha immediately snapped back.

“You don’t know anything about what I have done!”

Afterwards, while in a cabin room with Kandi and Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore pointed out that Phaedra probably wasn’t innocent by pointing out hat she was “sweating bullets” during dinner. Kandi didn’t say much about Phaedra, but did say that Porsha has “definitely hooked up with women” and that when she gets drunk, “she becomes an aggressive lesbian.” Porsha, meanwhile, told Phaedra and her sister in another room that she knows damaging information about Kandi. In both of their confessional interviews, Porsha and Kandi threatened to spill each other’s dirty secrets if the other doesn’t play nice.

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On Twitter, Porsha Williams maintained that she didn’t remember what she said about Kandi. Porsha also teased, as she did during the episode, that she knows some salacious information about Kandi.

The Season 9 The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show has yet to film. With the drama between Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss playing such a big role this season, perhaps it’ll be the two of them sitting on either side of host Andy Cohen, facing off against one another, at the reunion show this year?

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