‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 7, Episode 10: Breach In The Kingdom [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7B is trekking forward with a new episode on AMC next Sunday, and the action is about to pick up indefinitely. For those who are just now catching up and hoping for the show to pick up the pace, then your wishes are about to come true.

If there is anything that we learned from the last episode of The Walking Dead, it’s that Negan is not hip to the long con that Rick and the core Alexandria group are planning. But there are some hang-ups that will be addressed in Episode 10, titled “New Best Friends,” according to TV Guide.

If for nothing else the new “group,” or the Garbage Pail Kids (as they have been commonly referred to on social media), are not exactly the friendly kind of people that fans have seen lately on The Walking Dead. As a matter of fact, they seem to have a mindset closely resembling that of the Governor. But there’s one thing that’s making Rick Grimes smile, and it’s not because he’s afraid.

This is the part of the article where we need to warn you that if you have not seen Episode 9, Season 7B of The Walking Dead, then there are some spoilers coming ahead that might spoil it for you. You should only proceed further down this article with that in mind.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead, which featured the return of Season 7 and the long-awaited turning point for the core Walking Dead characters, showed just how unwilling the people in the region are to go up against Negan and the Saviors. After Rick pleaded his case with Gregory at the Hilltop, he was greeted with a stern rejection. But the people of the Hilltop overruled Gregory in the end and pledged to fight if they are needed.

But the real test for Rick and the core Walking Dead characters was whether or not he could convince King Ezekiel and his mighty Kingdom to back them in a fight against Negan. Since the Kingdom has big numbers and solid fighters, the prospect of having them in the fight would have helped their cause to a solid victory. But once again, Rick was rejected by Ezekiel.

But that didn’t mean that Ezekiel was not sympathetic to their cause, so he offered amnesty to Daryl in case the Saviors came looking for him at Alexandria on The Walking Dead. That also proved useful near the end, given that the Saviors showed up and could not find him at Alexandria.

The Walking Dead fans were last left with Rick facing down a new group of people that appear to live out of a filthy dumping area. Rick and The Walking Dead core group were outnumbered and out-gunned. But that last scene was Rick Grimes smiling, but it was not because they were doomed.

What Rick and all the other communities need the most on The Walking Dead are the guaranteed numbers to defeat Negan. They also need guns, but he is taking it one step at a time. The new community certainly are not nice people, as witnessed in the trailer for Episode 10 of The Walking Dead, “New Best Friends.” But that might be just enough of a foot in the door that Rick needs in order to have an ace in the hole.

That means that if he cannot get the Hilltop and the Kingdom to join up with him, he might be able to convince these primitive hostiles to focus their efforts on the Saviors at his command. It certainly does seem likely that Rick can outsmart them on The Walking Dead, in some way. There could also be a breach in the Kingdom when the Saviors come looking for Daryl, which could lead to Ezekiel joining the fight.

Catch Episode 10, “New Best Friend,” of The Walking Dead next Sunday on AMC.

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